I am not alone in my testimony

In my scripture study today and yesterday, I’ve been reading of the account of Alma in the land of Ammonihah. One of the criticisms Alma received from the hostile crowd was that he was apparently alone (they were unaware of Amulek) in his testimony against them.

I’ve always admired Amulek, but I suddenly admire him more. I wish we knew more of his past and his life before he met Alma. I have the feeling that he was just like you and just like me, but, when called by divine calling, he became a stalwart and valiant missionary. I find it hopeful that one who once said, “I did harden my heart, for I was called many times and I would not hear,” later heard the word of God, found a prophet, and walked into spiritual lore.

Amulek did not leave Alma alone in his testimony, and the thought hit me that I am not, nor was I ever, alone in mine. That thought gives me renewed courage and hope, perhaps even renewed faith.

The world seems to run us all down every now and then, and I, like many others, get trapped up in things that should not be there or things I should, but have not done. I sometimes feel that I wage a lonely war where insignificant battle piles onto insignificant battle with no changing of the lines that divide us. And for every step forward, there is one step back.

But knowing that I am not alone in my testimony helps just as I’m sure that Amulek’s testimony helped Alma. It also helps knowing that Amulek, certainly a good person with his personal faults, rose above it all to become a man most comparable, in my opinion, to Hyrum Smith.

I’m teaching the Fifth Sunday lesson in my ward this coming week, and the topic assigned to me by the bishopric is Family Home Evening. But if I could speak of any one topic, I would speak of unity. Elder Zuick of the Seventy visited my mission often, and he would always say, “Somos um.” We are one.

It’s something to remember.

And I am not, nor have I ever been, alone in my testimony.

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One Response to I am not alone in my testimony

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    I was struck by this, and I thought also of Moroni, who was alone in a very different kind of way. Alma was alone, preaching to an unfriendly crowd, until Amulek stood up and took his side. I had never thought of Amulek that way before, but that was an incredibly heroic act. Especially considering what happened afterward. Someone in one of my recent gospel doctrine classes pointed out that, as the family of those converted to the gospel were tossed into the fire, Amulek’s family was likely to be among those who died. What a heart wrenching, utterly iron-clad thing to do. Defintely someone I want to meet one day if I qualify myself to go to celestial kingdom.

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