I took the car in to the shop this morning to get it fixed from our fender bender last weekend. As soon as I walked out the door, I immediately regretted getting up this morning. I think I have whiplash or, at least, my neck and shoulders really hurt. Sunday afternoon, my neck started to feel really tight, and that has gotten worse over the past few days. Last night it emerged as a full-fledged and somewhat overblown migraine. I hoped it’d go away over night like many of my migraines do, but no. It’s just hurt and hurt and hurt.

So how do you deal with whiplash? No idea, and they are still determining fault in the accident. I’m confident that the accident wasn’t my fault since the other driver ran a stop sign, but I’m also hesitant to do too much, such as a doctor visit, until they determine fault in case I get stuck with the costs. Until they figure it out, I’ll be doing gentle stretches and hot pads.

Anyway, I came home today on a sick day instead of trying to work through it all. Everything is so tight and painful right now that I’m not sure working would have, well, worked. It’s kind of fun to sit with Katherine and enjoy her favorite shows like Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer.

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6 Responses to Ow…

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Ooh, Dave. Sorry you’re hurting.

    Isn’t Utah a no-fault Personal Injury state? I thought PIP covered the policyholder if they were injured in an accident.

    Aha, yes, here it is:
    Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Utah’s no-fault law also requires you buy a minimum of $3,000 in PIP coverage. PIP is a broad term for the coverage that will pay for your medical expenses in case of an accident.

    I’d call your insurance company ASAP. No reason to be in pain!

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    A bit more at the Utah Insurance Dept.
    See “What happens after I file a claim?”

  3. Jeffrey says:

    One word: Chiropractor. Do it soon. Sadly, I don’t know any in Utah.

    You have likely slipped a few neck vertebra and getting them back in place, along with several good neck massages, will help put things right. The longer you wait, the more settled the neck will get in the bad position and the longer it will take to correct. Also remember that long-term problems can still arise despite temporary improvement without treatment.

    The chiropractor may insist on an x-ray before working on you, just to ensure there is no damage beyond alignment and strain. I would expect chiropractic correction to be covered by insurance, maybe even massage?

    I feel your pain…. Really, I do.

    Oh, wait. That’s just my programmer’s hump flaming up again!

    But I have had minor whiplash before and it’s not fun. Heat and hardy massage (with Tiger Balm, peppermint oil, or the like) help a lot. Oh, and eliminating stress…Buahahaha—like that’s possible!

  4. daveloveless says:

    Thanks for all the thoughts. I didn’t know that about the PIP, but I’ve now heard that from 3 or 4 people. I will most certainly take advantage of it because it is seriously hurting. I can totally feel where my neck is out of alignment and aching.

    Jeff… Get rid of stress? You’re kidding right? I soooo wish we could do that. 🙂

  5. nosurfgirl says:

    Yeah…. me too on the stress thing. Of course there are things that help. Unfortunately you probably won’t be playing any wii until you get things worked out though 🙂

    Piiiizzzza…. loooots of pizza… oh and guess what Dave. I just saw a huge, bulk-sized bag of hershey’s mini eggs at Sam’s. So ’tis the season.

  6. nosurfgirl says:

    Oh wait. Just remembered your no sugar thing. 😦 Didn’t mean to add insult to injury. Maybe you can hide them somewhere? Like in your sock drawer. That would work for you but not for me (sugar as opposed to meat, when I’m eating it. Meat in a sock drawer would be kind of gross).

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