I’m waiting….

Tonight is Obama’s first State of the Union address, and I’m anxious to see what he has to say. Unfortunately, church obligations mean I’m going to miss it, but I will definitely read it tonight or tomorrow morning. Part of me is worried, preparing for the next “How are you going to hurt me now?” moment. Strike that, I’ll admit that most of me is feeling that way. I just don’t have a lot of confidence that what he has done, what he promises to do, and what he still might do will help me and my family. After all, as of right now, I get about $65 back in pay roll taxes through the end of the year in exchange for paying about $12,000 over the next few years to cover for other people’s mistakes, most of which I believe are the result of extremely poor and greedy decisions on their part.

But another part of me is hopeful.

I will always stand by the opinion that I believe God has a vested interest in this country. And if that doesn’t lead me to at least a principled support of our president, whoever that may be, it does lead me to a fervent support of the principles upon which this nation was founded and a respect for the office of President. Because of that, I can’t help but reserve at least a little hope and faith that the general level of stupidity amongst most of our elected officials will lessen at least a little, and that Obama might reflect some of that.

But whatever your expectations, I hope everyone at least takes the time to hear what he has to say.

I saw on CNN.com this morning that about 27% of respondents to a poll about Obama’s upcoming speech said they were going to “ignore it.” That is certainly their right, but I’ll be disappointed if any of that 27% then come complaining. That’s not their right.

If you choose to remove yourself from the processes by which information is desseminated, you have also chosen to remove yourself from intelligently participating in the following discussions.

As for me, I’m waiting. Waiting to see what comes from tonight’s speech, which is arguably one of the more important State of the Union addresses in recent history.

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3 Responses to I’m waiting….

  1. Sarah says:

    If he says the state of the union is strong, I’m going to laugh. Never heard a president say otherwise, so it should be interesting to hear. Maybe he’ll say, “Hey, it could be worse!”

  2. marlajayne says:

    Like you, I plan to listen to President Obama. Also like you, I sincerely believe that this is a land choice above all others and that God has a vested interest in it. At the same time, I get so annoyed and perturbed and exasperated at the complainers and naysayers who won’t even give the man a chance. He’s only been our leader for a few weeks!!! Let’s hear him out.

  3. daveloveless says:

    Good point, Marlajayne, and I hope I don’t come across as one of those naysayers. I am definitely disturbed by and frustrated with the stimulus that was pushed through so rapidly, but I also have a deep hope that it works despite my doubts and fears. I’ll even go so far as to express my doubts in his abilities in general, but like you said, he has only been president for a few weeks now. Final judgment on him and his presidency is certainly a matter for later.

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