Obama: The frustration grows

I’m reminded of a sobering lesson I learned many years ago. I was taking a basic rescue and first-aid course, and one of the lessons was on water rescue. The instructor spoke about experiences he had where he couldn’t save people because any attempt to save them would have killed him. He talked about victims who would clamber all over him in an effort to get out of the water only to force him under. He talked about the frustrations he had towards people who, if they would just calm down and let him work, could have been saved, but chose not to be saved by panicking.

It was an emotional lesson and one I’ve never forgotten, and it describes perfectly my attitude about the current state of economics in this country.

I’m finding myself increasingly disenfranchised and frustrated by Obama and his tactics of turning this economy around, and I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same way. Up until now, every one of his proposed changes seems to help a very limited number of people, none of whom I know and none of which are my family and many who put themselves in this situation by living outside of their means. And I’m going to pay for it. They are going to drag me under water.

To be fair, there are truly some deserving people out there, and I support assisting them. There are many who are waiting rescue and, when the rescue comes, will make the most of it. I want to save them. As a Christian, I give generously to my church through tithes and fast offerings to assist those who need the help, and I do that voluntarily because I believe that it makes a difference. I believe it saves people. But I have a serious problem with government-mandated charity, especially for those who seem to lack fiscal responsibility and financial maturity. In short, I have trouble saving people who are going to drag me under because then we both die.

Recently on CNN, one of the commentaries suggested that the South Carolina Governor, who is strongly opposed to the stimulus, put his money where his mouth is by refusing any assistance from the stimulus for his state. I agree but only if South Carolina and all their residents also become exempt from paying a single penny to pay for this mess. If the vote were put to me today, I would gladly pass on getting any assistance in favor of continuing my life as it was before the stimulus; in favor of keeping my money in my pocket.

My money in my control will do more to lift and save my neighbors than my money in the hands of the government, specifically in this case. Obama keeps talking about lifting those who are struggling out of this mess, but as of right now, all Obama is doing is forcing my head underwater. Government-mandated charity, bailouts, and handouts will not fix this crisis. Oh no, all this does is delay the crisis and extend it. Obama’s actions and the actions of the Democrat-controlled congress will extend the burden of this situation for many years to come and will devastate the lower-middle class by driving them into poverty and the welfare system. Obama’s plan extends the errors and mistakes of the foolish and irresponsible to the entire nation.

There is one simple economic truth that the government is failing to recognize: You cannot borrow your way to success. It doesn’t work. Borrowing and living beyond our means is what got us into this mess in the first place, and now that is the answer proposed by the government?

No. No thank you. If this is your change, please… count me out before you drown me.

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4 Responses to Obama: The frustration grows

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    My money in my control will do more to lift and save my neighbors than my money in the hands of the government

    This is true in your case, but I’d argue it’s not true in every case, or even the majority of cases. (Look where we are right now! Maybe you should go on a nationwide lecture circuit with your Dave Ramsey courses.)

    Anyway, I agree that this economic crisis is not being solved the way it needs to be… which likely is… doing nothing. We need to ride out this bubble, wait for it to pop on its own, and not painfully prolong (and perhaps worsen) the effect.

    I understand where the Obama administration is coming from; they want to stop the downward spiral before it “becomes too late” to stop. They look at history and see what Coolidge did and the effect that had (the depression seemed to stretch on and on and continue to worsen) and compare it to what Roosevelt did (provide immediate relief, which seemed to throw everything into sudden remission) but there was likely a lot more at work there than anyone can really calculate or fathom.

    I think (as i wrote in the other post) that everyone is literally frightened right now about what could happen, and so, like you said, they’re wildly flailing around at the nearest, most (seemingly) likely answer to the problem in the hope that they won’t drown.


    I’m just gonna wait and see what happens.

    *but I wouldn’t blame Obama for all this. There’s lots more people invovled than him. If you like, you can think of him as the “untaught in the gospel (of fiscal conservatism)” who is trying to do what is right based upon his own schemas of government and how the economy and world works right now.*

    Look Courtney, I used a cool word. 🙂

  2. daveloveless says:

    Maybe blaming Obama isn’t quite right, but he is certainly volunteering himself as the poster boy for this stimulus mess. And you were very right in your other post to point out that while Obama and the democrats are continuing the stimulus method, they were not necessarily the initiaters. Bush and the democrat-controlled congress did that.

    If I could broadcast Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University worldwide, I would. Unfortunately, there just might be some copyright issues with that. 🙂

  3. Dad says:

    At the bottom of the depression unemployment was at 25 %. The major factor in ending it was WWII.

    Do we need III? Its coming.

    My big concern is giving money to people who have already proven they are incompetent to handle it. Those who have already received help managed to put a good portion of it into the pocket of the GM/CEO who put the company in the tank to start with.

    No where in my MBA training did we cover the principle of screw-it-up and you get more money to try again.

  4. Cami says:

    I don’t mind blaming Obama 🙂 He has pushed this, and pushed it to go fast. He had a tantrum when it didn’t go fast enough and of course congress didn’t do enough to make it a workable stimulus plan. It is basically worthless.

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