Magleby’s: Not worth $0.84

I had $20 in gift certificates to Magleby’s, a restaurant near our home, and we decided to try them out on Saturday. We had heard fantastic things about it from some good friends, and, unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there.

We ordered an omelet for me (ham, bacon, cheese, and mushrooms with NO ONIONS!!!!), their “famous” french toast for Katherine, and a fruit cup with cream for Courtney. Then we sat and waited for our food. On the wall of our booth, someone had decided to decorate the booth by adding an extremely vulgar phrase in ink to the stone wall. Thanks for that. We did our best to scrub it out with a baby wipe, but halfway through I wondered why it was even there in the first place. Didn’t someone come around to clean the tables?

When our food came, the first thing I noticed was that my omelet had about half a cup of onions mixed in with the egg. The next thing I noticed was that Courtney’s fruit cup with cream consisted of a scoop of frozen berries (not mixed fruit like we expected) and a scoop of cream. It was sufficiently large that Courtney was never even close to full, and she promptly ate half of Katherine’s french toast. I worked my way through the omelet only because I no longer cared except to quench my hunger. After munching on the french toast, Courtney said, “I could have made better french toast than this.” A small bite on my part proved her correct (she makes the best french toast on either side of the Mississippi! Really!!!). And just for the record, I make a killer omelet (NO ONIONS!!!). And, as an admission, you’ll have to ask me about the blue cheese kipper snack omelet I once created. I will only say that I wasn’t all there when I decided to make that, and I certainly wasn’t all there after the first bite….

But that was the meal. About the only thing that made it even mostly okay was that, after the gift certificates, the meal cost us a whopping $0.84. Even then, I would have rather kept the money.

To our friends who go and love it: What did we do wrong?!?! Is there a secret password to get the good food? Maybe a secret handshake? Was it because we tried to erase the foul langauge on the wall of the booth?

I bet that was it.

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3 Responses to Magleby’s: Not worth $0.84

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like bad luck! I can’t remember if I ever went there, but heard a lot about it. Scoop of frozen berries? Ha! How lame. I would’ve sent the eggs back. I am a stinker when people put stuff in my food I hate. I have sent back burgers three times because they weren’t able to figure out how to make a burger with just ketchup and mustard. First they put mayo on it. I HATE mayo. Then it had mustard but no ketchup. Then no cheese. I finally asked for a slice of cheese. It was ridiculous! Some people act like they have never dealt with a special order burger ever and it wasn’t like I was asking for something complicated – a CHEESEburger with no mayo! Just ketchup and mustard!!!!

    Sometimes I will choose fast food based on whether they automatically put ketchup and mustard on and no mayo. I hate having to ask for no mayo because people usually screw it up. It’s not like you can just scrape it off.

  2. nosurfgirl says:

    You know, the only thing I’ve ever had their was their creamy basil-tomato soup… and that was pretty dang good. But then, tomato basil soup is one of the most fantabulous culinary experiences known to man no matter where you get it…

  3. Travis says:

    I have not tried some of the other menu items. I have only been twice and had a great meal each time I went, but I went for the higher priced items of halibut and steak. I can honestly say that, unless I am in Vegas at a coffee shop, I never expect high quality from items that I can do just as well in my own kitchen (i.e. omelettes and French Toast).

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