Five… long… years….

I forget where or when, but the topic of our anniversary came up once in mixed company. Courtney was sitting beside me, and I mentioned that we’d soon hit our fifth anniversary (it’s today by the way), and I made the comment that it had been “five… long… years…” at which point Courtney jabbed me hard in the ribs and threatened to beat me within an inch of my life.

Truth be told, they’ve been five good years with lots done and lots more to do.

As I was leaving for work this morning, I wondered what I would have thought five years ago if I could have seen my life today. Two kids, a mortgage, graduated from college…. I think I would have panicked to tell the truth. It’s just not a set of circumstances you knowingly throw on a groom to be, especially me.

I remember sitting in the temple waiting for her to get ready for the ceremony. I was sitting at this small table with only two chairs, and right in front of me was this imposing painting of Brigham Young in all his stern and fatherly glory. Like many guys, I had the briefly fleeting moment of “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!,” but I was fairly certain that Mr. Young on that painting would have come to life and beaten me. That and I’d have to get past at least 30 temple workers. Lucky for me, it was a lost cause.

And good thing too. Even if I had made it out of the temple, I’m sure Courtney would have found me. Not only is Courtney a red-head, but she’s Native American AND ex-military. Can there possibly be a more exciting combination in the entire world? I think that’s one of the things I find most attractive about her: the same woman who puts on a long flowing dress (I LOVE loooong flowing dresses) and moves with the grace of royalty can also break down an M-16 in 30 seconds blind-folded.

And she’s told me, though I have yet to see any real evidence, that she can beat me with my own elbow in at least 30 different ways. And somehow that is attractive to me? Strange indeed.

Truth is, the real reason she is attractive to me is because she said yes and she did so in the one place that truly matters; a word that bound us eternally one to the other. And in that word, I committed and promised to spend that time proving that she had made the right choice through my devotion to her, our children, and the Lord.

It’s been five long years…. Five… long… years…. And there are many more waiting for us. And perhaps the more experienced of you are thinking, “Only five? Come back when it is thirty, forty, even fifty and sixty!”

I will.

I promise.

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One Response to Five… long… years….

  1. marlajayne says:

    Beautiful post. Isn’t that word (yes) one of the most amazingly positive words in the English language?

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