A whole round of stupid movies

We’re still catching up on films from last summer, and we’ve seen several that I just haven’t had time to review. Unfortunately, they were all stupid for the most part. Here they are all together….

Stupid Movie 1: Hellboy 2

Oh man. Where to start? I actually asked Courtney at one point if it was done. And that came after almost falling asleep four or five times. It was really, really, really dumb. Really. In fact, I’m still trying to find any saving grace at all. There may be some argument that the special effects were cool, but isn’t that a standard by now? Really, unless you thought the first one was the be-all and end-all of moviedom, don’t even bother. I’ll throw it a half star because Hancock was still worse.

And just a side note from the previews on the disc… I’m a fan of The Mummy, but don’t you think they’ve milked that franchise enough yet? I haven’t seen the latest one (plan to though), but that’s three Mummy films plus two Scorpion King spin offs. The first Scorpion King wasn’t worth it, but apparently a second one will be better. Yeah… I’ll let someone else find out.

Stupid Movie 2: Hulk

I’m sure I’m going to hear protests on this one, but I really didn’t care for this film. It had no purpose. What was the reason? There were two saving graces to this film: the Brazilian favela was one of the most encompassing and accurate portrayals of that lifestyle I’ve ever seen, and Edward Norton. Edward Norton is gold in my opinion.

I think my problem with the film was I had a serious case of interrupted logic and bad geography. The Rocinha Favela, so prominent in the beginning of the film, is in Rio de Janeiro. This is not open for debate and is fact. You can even see the famous Pao de Acucar (Sugar Loaf) mountain in the background. It’s Rio. Why then does the film clearly state at one point that Banner is located in Porto Verde? That is similar to calling New York City Miami. Really. And there was no reason for the shift in geography. Porto Verde is a small, inland city sitting on Brazil’s interior border. Rio is a massive coastal city many hundreds of miles away.

Beyond that, I really had trouble feeling like anyone in the film really had a place with the exception of Edward Norton. It was just a bad film. I’ll give it 2 stars though because even as bad as it was, it was still much better than the original.

Pretty Cool Movie 3: X-Files 2

I suppose I’ll end this with at least one positive review, but before I do, I’ll point out that Courtney and I are HUGE X-Files fans. We own all the seasons and have had lengthy and in depth conversations about X-Files that come right to the brink of absolute geekdom.

The film had it’s problems, but it was truly a fan film. That’s not to say that you wouldn’t enjoy it as a non-fan; one of our good friends saw this film first and then went back to watch the series because he enjoyed it so much. But it is a fan film.

More than anything, the film finds some of the closure that was missing from the end of the series. It doesn’t resolve any of the missing links, but it does provide closure. For the sake of the mystery, I’ll say no more except that it is definitely not one to watch with the kids and that Mulder hasn’t aged well.

3 out of 4 stars for normal viewers, but a good 3.5 up to 4 stars for fans of the X-files.

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One Response to A whole round of stupid movies

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    Haven’t seen any of them… the only one I’m interested in is x-files. LOVE x-files, but only the movies because I can’t handle the episodes. Eeeugh.

    Anyway, I think Jeff wants to see Hulk. I don’t really… but I”m sure we’ll end up watching it sometime. Your review notwithstanding. It’s like me and chick flicks… I know they’re stupid, but well. I like them anyway. Same with Jeff and superhero/comic book movies. 😉

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