It happened while walking around the Distribution Center

We’re blessing Myron this Sunday in church. It’s such a surreal experience in so many ways, and I’m not sure it is really something that anyone but a father can truly understand.

I remember Katherine’s blessing so well…. In some ways, I felt that the veil had been temporarily lifted from my eyes, and I could see so much of her life and what was in store for her. I think part of that comes from a deep desire to know those things on my part, but I think most of that was simply a gift. I took the opportunity immediately after the blessing to record what I had felt in a letter to Katherine. I then sealed the letter and her blessing dress and put them away. I don’t know when I’ll give them to her, but I will when the time is right.

Last night we went to the Church Distribution Center to get Myron a blessing outfit. It’s an all white infant romper with a satin vest. It’s really quite cute, and I’m looking forward to the one time he’ll wear it. Then it too will go into a box with a letter from dad. I suppose he might get the box when he goes on his mission or maybe when he comes home and gets married. I don’t know, but as with Katherine, I’ll know when the time is right.

After we bought the outfit, I sent Courtney out to the car with the kids so I could do a touch of Christmas shopping. I took just a minute to walk around and look at everything in the store. I saw all the beautiful paintings of Christ, and I saw the photos of the prophets. There were pictures of temples and stacks of Book of Mormons in dozens of languages. I saw all the videos about families and the gospel, and I was touched by an overwhelming sensation that this is truth. This is happiness.

I’m grateful for the little whispers of confirming truth and reassurance, and it happened while walking around the Distribution Center on a cold November night.

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3 Responses to It happened while walking around the Distribution Center

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    It was a great blessing, Dave.

    Are you guys enjoying Dr. Seuss’s classic work?

  2. marlajayne says:

    Nice image. We don’t have a distribution center in SC, but we do have a book store across the road from the Columbia temple, and it’s an awesome feeling to look up from whatever you’re reading or looking at and see the white marble building reassuringly standing a few yards away. Plus, there’s always a beautiful CD of some type playing in the bookstore, and it makes the experience that much nicer.

  3. nosurfgirl says:

    Happy thanksgiving, lovelesses. Hope it’s going well and you’re having a good, smooth family time.

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