What’s wrong with you?

Katherine seems to be growing in leaps and bounds of late. Her language skills have grown incredibly in just a few weeks, and she is obviously going through a growth spurt. She’s quickly leaving those wonderful days of “little kid” behind.

We put the Christmas tree up on Friday, and it was fun to see her understand more of Christmas. As we put the tree up, she asked me if “the red man says ho ho ho is coming to our house?” No, not yet. But I can now see why many parents put the tree up as late as possible. I’m fairly certain Katherine’s feet never touched the ground once that night or since the tree’s gone up.

She was also extremely cute when she stepped outside Saturday morning and saw the wreath hanging on our front door. Our door has a diamond shaped window in it that has led Katherine to name the house “Diamond House.” When she saw the wreath covering the diamond window, she looked at it for a moment, called me over, and matter of factly told me “Diamond House is all gone. It’s Circle House.”

And this morning she about had me and Courtney in stitches. She came out in her favorite princess dress with her princess crown. I started in to my normal teasing by calling her “Princess Horsey Pony” which is an absolute no-no; she’s only a horsey pony when she’s wearing pants. She looked at me with this withering look and said, “No, I’m Lady Majesty Princess Cinderella.” And then to make sure I understood, she looked me dead in the eye and said, “Dork!” Yes, my four-year-old called me a dork this morning. Such a precious child.

But the thing that made me laugh the most was on Sunday when she was holding my hand. She was looking at my palm, and she noticed a small cut I got from some of the wire framing in the Christmas tree. “Daddy,” she said innocently, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ah yes… Let’s not go there.

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One Response to What’s wrong with you?

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    that kid babble is hilarious. I have a book that I keep close by and write the stuff down. A good friend suggested that to me… her family did it. They would sit down at the end of each day (or maybe it was once a week, I can’t remember)and write down whatever funny things the kids said, and by the time all the kids had grown up it was a favorite activity to occasionally pick up the book and read through it, and laugh hysterically as a family.

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