Obama won. Now he wants my support….

Mr. President-Elect;

Congratulations on your victory last night. In many ways, I’m surprised people doubted at all that you would win. Your campaign was a political Juggernaut unlike anything that has ever come our way before, and while that success is surely admirable, I fear that the future will consist of bigger, and even more wasteful, mega-campaigns. But congratulations.

I watched your speech last night, and I will admit a certain amount of trepidation watching the million-plus throng chant and immerse themselves in your reflected light. It scared me because it so readily brought mental images of other such throngs and the consequences of their passion. I’m glad that it wasn’t your words that brought those images because I think that what you said is something we can all hope for: a better America, a better tomorrow, but watching the million-plus… that was truly frightening to me to think that any one man could have such a dominating control over such a large group. I pray sincerely that you will use that control well.

You asked for my support last night. Yes, I’m one of those who didn’t vote for you. I didn’t vote for the other guy either, but I suppose that is somewhat irrelevant. Your office has my support. The office of President will always have my support. You, on the other hand, need to earn it. Here’s a few simple ways you can earn my support for you as a person:

  • Finish the war in Iraq and finish it the right way. Whether we should have gone into Iraq is debatable, but the fact is that we are there. Finish the job, do it right, bring our troops home, and leave a stable ally in the Middle East.
  • The same can be said for Afghanistan. We had a good start, but we’ve slipped. You can bring peace to Afghanistan.
  • Find an energy policy that will keep my energy dollars in America. I don’t like sending $700 billion to foreign countries just so I can drive to work, but what other option do I have? Give me options.
  • Don’t take my money to give to the poor. I give generously already, and I’m not wealthy to begin with. And I don’t want another person’s money. I can earn my own on my own power. Doing anything less takes away my dignity, my initiative, and my drive to succeed.
  • You’ve promised to help Main Street, but please don’t forget that Wall Street is an essential part of our economy. It may not be well liked, but neither are taxes, and yet those come with increasing regularity.
  • Don’t punish the wealthy for being successful anymore than we should reward the poor for their misfortunes. Provide the opportunities for people to lift themselves and each other so that both gain the experience and benefit of doing what is right for humanity.
  • Remember that you have a responsibility not only to me but also to my children and their children. Doing anything to increase the national debt will not help me tomorrow although it may provide temporary relief today. Personally, I’d rather have tomorrow. I’d rather know that tomorrow my nation will be better. I’ll pay the price for the mistakes we’ve made so that my children don’t have to.
  • Don’t try to reach across the aisle; rather, remove the aisle. Democrat, republican, independent? Why does that matter? Work with people, not parties.
  • Remember the people who didn’t put you in the White House as much as you remember the people who did. I didn’t vote for you, but you are still my president. Am I your people? Will you pay attention to my goals? My dreams? Will my voice matter to you?
  • Put your faith in God and express your faith openly. It may be unpopular, but it is right. Right should always be more important to you than popular.

Why anyone would want to be president is beyond me. You’ll age much more in the next four years, Mr. President, than I will in the next forty. I don’t envy that. While small, my support can make these next four years just a touch easier.

And you can have it when you earn it.



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4 Responses to Obama won. Now he wants my support….

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    Love this. And I agree with the spirit of everything you have said.

    Your’e right… Obama is a very powerful phenomenon. I’m saying prayers he’ll use it the way God intended him to use it.

  2. marlajayne says:

    Well-said. This will be an interesting four years, and I sincerely hope our new president will be able to bring about the “unity in diversity” that I’ve been reading about.

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