Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Sigh… There are some days when it’s just not worth it. There’ve been a lot of those lately, but there have been enough good days that you keep your chin up and just keep going. I think tonight will help; I’m going as Weird Al to our ward Halloween party. Who knew that with the right shirt and a wig, I actually am a fairly good impression. Personally, I feel strangely un-complemented.

The Bad

Well aside from the totally unbelievable nature of the film (they feel for a thousand miles and landed softly in a natural water slide…), there wasn’t too much. Having said that, you must understand that Brendan Fraser is one of our favorite actors. He’s just fun to watch in his own goofy kind of way. I think part of that comes from knowing that he probably had the potential to be a very serious and classic actor but he chose a silly, fun route.

There were some boring parts, and I frankly found the “arrival” at the center of the earth to be somewhat less a journey as an express train.

The Good

Well, we do like Brendan Fraser. The dialog was fun enough though silly. No sex, no language. All good things.

The best thing of the film is that that is one of the better T-Rexes since Jurassic Park. He just looked good, especially when it is running. I’m sure he looks even better in the 3-D version of the film.


I kind of feel like I’ve done a disservice with such a short review, but I’m really just kind of not into it today.

If you liked Mummy, George of the Jungle, or any other classic Brendan Fraser, you’ll probably like this. That’s about all I can say.

2 out of 4 stars.

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One Response to Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth

  1. Paul P. says:

    Coincidentally, this was the movie I watched on my flight yesterday from California to Atlanta.

    I agree with you on the unbelievable parts. There was the “fall” to the center of the earth, with no injuries, and then there were the carnivorous plants that acted more intelligent than plant-like.

    I kept hoping that they would have been wrong about finding the remains of the protagonist’s brother; somehow I expected a rescue or something here, and found that slightly disappointing, but overall, it was a nice move for a plane flight (though I wish it had been longer. Why couldn’t they show a nice, long, Harry Potter or something. That would have made my flight seem shorter. As it was, after 90 minutes I was ready to land, and we still had 2.5 hours to go.

    On a slightly related note, it’s bad news when you are hoping you are about to land, and then you hear then announce the second beverage service that is about to begin. ‘Cauz if they are starting the second beverage service, then we’re at least an hour or more from landing.

    And that isn’t even the 17 hour flight I’m taking on Thursday to Saudi Arabia. That one I’m not looking forward to.

    Hopefully the seat will be bigger.

    I think I’m rambling. Goodbye.

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