Movie Review: Jumper

We watched Jumper last night. I remember seeing the previews and thinking that it looked really cool, but I also imagined it would be a “turn your brain off” film a la Vin Diesel. Turns out my instincts are pretty good.

The Bad

The lead actor (Hayden Christian?) is alright. He’s by no means great, and unfortunately he has the stain of being the older Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. The dialog in those films was so poor that it just carried over a bit. I was impressed, however, that they managed to find two actors that matched so well for the younger and older versions of David (the main character).

The ending was also really kind of… whatever. It happened almost instantly and with no real build up or anticipation. It was almost comical how predictable it was. Even worse, the final encounter with his mother was so stupid and obnoxious that it really detracted from the movie as a whole. Basically, David and his mother are enemies by virtue of their roles in life. Mom admits that she abandoned David as a young child so that she wouldn’t be forced to kill him but now admits that she is basically hunting him down. So let me get this straight… Mom leaves to spare her son’s life so she can track him down later? Okay….

The only other really bad thing I can think of is the final fight between the two jumpers. It was rushed and ended rather undramatically.

The Good

Right when the movie ended, I turned to Courtney and said that the movie would have made a good book. She mentioned that it was actually a book. How nice. I think it is a book I’ll have to look for.

The premise was really interesting and fun, and it really is too bad that the film didn’t spend too much time exploring some of those other things. The film did a good job of showing his life and how being a Jumper had changed that, but didn’t really explore how he had managed to hide from his enemies or anything else. It stroked it all up to luck which was difficult to believe.

It was very fun to see Samuel L. Jackson play along side of Hayden, and it was even better to see that their roles were reversed from Star Wars. If you remember, Samuel, a Jedi, was killed by Hayden, the up and coming Darth Vader.

Perhaps my favorite scene of the entire film is when the Jumpers are battling with Samuel and one of them jumps to England and happens to grab a double-decker bus. Basically, he jumps back to the battle carrying the rolling bus with him. Just kind of fun.

My Rating

It’s alright. It’s not great; it’s not dumb. It’s just alright. There is some language including one f-word (why do people feel that is necessary?). There are two instances of sexuality with the first one being the moments after and the last being the moments before. As far as sexuality goes, they were tastefully done, but, again, why do people feel that is necessary? It doesn’t move the story forward in any way at all. It’s tasteless, pointless, and, most of all, offensive.

For all that, I would rate the film a measly 1 star. Fun for what it is, but you won’t suffer if you miss it.

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5 Responses to Movie Review: Jumper

  1. Courtney Loveless says:

    I liked the premise of the movie and the special effects were pretty cool. Samuel L. Jackson was superb. I haven’t yet seen him in a role where he didn’t take control and totally own the character. Whether he plays a good guy or a bad guy, you see the flair he brings with him.

    I thought Hayden Christianson was a little flat. He plays “angsty” and angry very well. There wasn’t much beyond those two emotions though.

    Fun to see, might be better to read the book, but like Dave said, you won’t suffer if you miss it.

  2. Lora Leigh says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Dave! I thought the movie looked interesting, but wasn’t sure if it would be worth seeing or not. Sounds like I may pass this one up!

  3. nosurfgirl says:

    I think that two genres of movies have to be STELLAR storylines with AWESOME directors and PHENOMENAL actors and actresses in order to really intrigue me… those genres are romantic comedy and action. Otherwise it’s boring or painful to watch. Or just one huge cliche. This movie intrigues me because it seems like an original storyline, but from the previews the acting didn’t seem all that great, and the romantic aspect seemed really cheesy. At the same time, and notwithstanding your review… I might still see it sometime. You know, because I’m a sucker for punishment when it comes to sci fi or fantasy.

  4. daveloveless says:

    Nosurfgirl–I totally agree with you that action movies really require a lot to make them worthwhile. And I think you should see it simple for the storyline; it is really quite intriguing.

    But when you get to the cheesy parts, just remember that I warned you. 😉

  5. Paul P says:

    For what its worth, the website gives content ratings for movies. Jumper gets a 4/10 for sex and nudity, a 6 of 10 for violence and gore, and a 5 of 10 for profanity. For profanity, there is 1 f-word, 1 obscene hand gesture, 12 “sh-” related words….

    I agree. Why is all that extra crap necessary?

    (For comparison, WALL-E rated 1-3-1 in the same categories; Indiana Jones rated 1-7-4. I find the site a great source for information on movies to see if I want to expose myself to the content before I decide to view the film.)

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