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Mental Illness, Part II

I can’t describe how hard this is to write. I’ve written and deleted this a dozen times already, but I want to say some things. Nosurfgirl stated that this topic is near to my heart, and it’s true. Many of … Continue reading

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Mental Illness

I’ve been tasked by the bishopric to teach a lesson on Mental Illness for June’s 5th Sunday lesson. One of the approaches I want to take is to discuss how mental illness is not “in your head” as many people … Continue reading

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Dave’s WW of EU: Transitive, Intransitive, & Linking Verbs

We all know what Verbs are, but there are three different classifications of Verbs. Transitive Verbs—Verbs that require objects to be complete. Intransitive Verbs—Verbs that do not require objects. Linking Verbs—Verbs that connect (or link) the subject of the sentence … Continue reading

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Courtney’s Bread

It’s a conspiracy: My wife came to earth to make me fat. And I have proof. Yesterday, I came home to home-made French Dip Sandwiches with home-made bread, home-made au jus, and home-cooked beef slices. She even forced me to … Continue reading

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Man, oh man…

It just never seems to end. I want to be careful that I come across as not complaining, but man…. I’m ready for a break. A while back, I mentioned that we were having house troubles. Our home is old, … Continue reading

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I think she’s finally getting it.

Katherine has been saying prayers for a few months now, and she’s pretty juvenile in most of her prayers. It’s nothing we wouldn’t normally expect for a kid so young, but it made me wonder if she was really getting … Continue reading

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Dave’s Gardening Corner: Mr. Tomato Plant

A good friend has been playing with gardening of late, and she recently killed her first tomato plant. We have a great relationship with lots of humor and fun. We used to work together at a former job, and I … Continue reading

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72-hour Kits

As promised, here’s our recipe for a good 72-hour kit. I’ve divided it into a list of essential and non-essential items Essential Backpacks (one per person) Food for three days Water for three days (1 gallon per person per day) … Continue reading

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What’s in your backpack?: Thoughts on Emergency Preparedness

It’s probably as much a result of the current state of affairs world-wide, but I’ve been feeling the need to prepare myself and my family for some time now. This preparation comes in many different parts, but two of them … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Cloverfield

I will start this off with my bias warning: I am a Godzilla nut. I grew up on the Godzilla films. Watching the Godzilla films are some of my earliest memories (as early as four). If there is ever a … Continue reading

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