A Deeper Perception

Sometimes I forget that even a three-year-old can have a deeper perception and understanding of certain situations than I’ll often give credit for. Last night in her prayers, Katherine offered a subdued and even slightly sorrowful expression of gratitude for Cooper, our dog who we gave up for adoption several weeks ago.

When we first gave him up, the change at home was obvious, and we missed him. We’d check the adoption site daily waiting for his little picture to appear, and we carried his dog tag around as a reminder. We took the time to explain what had happened to Katherine, but she didn’t really seem to care or understand. As the weeks have rolled by, the dog tag has been put away, we don’t check the website very much anymore, and we hardly think about it.

Except for Katherine.

Last night she mentioned in her prayers that she was thankful for Cooper, and then she prayed for his “new mommy and daddy and Katherine.” She obviously understands, and she obviously perceives what happened on a much richer and deeper level than I thought she ever could.

As for me, I was just extremely grateful to have been a part of a beautiful and heart-felt prayer. I think this is what Christ meant when He said we needed to be as little children.

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1 Response to A Deeper Perception

  1. Lora Leigh says:

    That is really sweet of Katherine. Children’s prayers are certainly special moments… not to mention, telling moments at times. 🙂 We have heard some really sweet prayers offered by nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids. We have also learned a lot from them! Who is trying to adopt a new baby, who the kids wish they could visit, what they want for their birthday… I love that kids feel no inhibitions about praying personally and specifically!

    btw… we miss y’all!!

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