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What color is mommy?

This morning, Katherine was entertaining herself by identifying the colors of various objects in the house. The walls in the bedroom are green. The walls in the living room are a light brown. Her dress is yellow. To inspire her … Continue reading

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I’m Thinking

Today, my youngest brother is going into the MTC to begin his mission (Utica, New York). He’s my parents’ last child, and it all got me thinking. So I wrote my dad this letter…. Dad, I’m sitting here about 1:00 … Continue reading

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How not to have a missionary farewell

This last Sunday, my youngest brother had his farewell address before leaving on a mission. He’s going to Utica, New York, and we’re all proud and excited for him. He gave a fantastic talk on Christ’s atonement. As part of … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye, Closing the door, turning the page… Whatever.

I once heard a fun voice mail message that made me laugh. When the machine picked up, the person’s voice came on and very emotionally and calmly did the following: (deep sigh) … … I never know what to say … Continue reading

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A couple changes

My work, in an attempt to beef up security, has changed the internet policy. It’s a wise decision, but it does have an unfortunate side effect: My blog is now blocked. I would often spend my break and lunch working … Continue reading

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Dave’s WW of EU: Abbreviations

Abbreviations are shortened forms of words. Generally speaking, an abbreviation is created by taking one or more syllables of a word or words and eliminating the rest. For example, the word abbreviation contains multiple syllables (a-bbre-vi-a-tion), and is created by … Continue reading

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Can I go home?

Years ago, I used to work with a good friend. It became somewhat a tradition between us that whenever anything even moderately bad happened, we would ask if we could go home for the day. It really didn’t matter how … Continue reading

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