Katherine’s House!

It’s been almost eight months since we moved Katherine to a toddler bed, and most of the problems I described then have yet to completely disappear. She still gets up at random hours, still plays for several hours after being confined to her room, and so on.

Now that she is very much potty trained, the diaper changes are gone, but we still have the late dash to the potty. Happily she’s never wet the bed! Not even once. We are genuinely impressed and pleased with her progress. But there is one thing… her bed is lonely.

Katherine hasn’t slept in her bed very much since October. For her birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Loveless (the Grankras) bought Katherine a little kid-size tent. Katherine immediately declared it “Kaphrine’s House” and has slept in it ever since. We can only get her into her bed by first removing the house and stuffing it into the closet. Even then, she asks for it.

The real problem here is that we always forget about it, and then we are so eager to get her in bed so we can have a few moments just for us before I go to bed that we don’t care to take it down. It also doesn’t help that she stuffs exactly 1.2 tons of toys, books, and other paraphernalia into the house. At that time of night, emptying out the house to put it away just isn’t worth it.

Plus, she tends to stay in bed when she sleeps in her tent. That alone makes it worth it.

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2 Responses to Katherine’s House!

  1. Courtney Loveless says:

    Well, sometimes she stays in the house at night. Its rather hit and miss. Though the house does have a better track record of keeping her in “bed” than her toddler bed has.

  2. marlajayne says:

    For some reason, kids seem to like playing in tents and in make believe houses, and if Katherine likes sleeping in one, that seems great to me. In fact, it sounds like fun.

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