I recently received a comment on my blog mentioning that was an attractive alternative to Since real estate is an area of interest for me, I figured I’d check them out and provide you with my review. unfortunately is playing the role of kid brother to While it does have some promise to it, it is a far cry from the power and utility of Zillow. Zillow offers high-quality satellite images; Cyberhomes’ images are a fraction of the quality and, therfore, value. Zillow’s home information is also much more accurate, and I can modify the information where it is wrong. Cyberhomes does not allow me to modify my home information and didn’t even provide an estimate on my home. In fact, where Zillow provides an estimate on every property in my area, Cyberhomes offered an estimate on only three. There is also very little information about the home itself and no trackers of historical data such as property taxes, past sales, and so on; all features offered by Zillow. Cyberhomes also lacks the resources Zillow offers in terms of educational information. Zillow provides a wealth of information on how to buy a home, obtain a mortgage, improve home value, and other things. Cyberhomes does not. Sadly, the list of does nots extends from there.

One area where Cyberhomes actually comes out ahead is their analysis of the area. Zillow does provide some information on the surrounding neighborhood, but Cyberhomes appears to tie directly into the U.S. census records and provides information on household income, marital status, unemployment, and a hundred other little bits of information that may influence your home-buying decisions. In this area, Cyberhomes does take the cake and takes it in a landslide.

But at the end of the day, the score still stands at Cyberhomes – 1, Zillow – 100. Your best bet, in my opinion, would be to use Cyberhomes to check out the demographics of an area and Zillow for everything else.

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  1. Scott Hoen says:

    Cyberhomes does allow you to update your property record without even registering. You can select up to 10 current comparable sales out of the fifty displayed, you can update the tax assessment record if it is inaccurate, you can add all the property enhancements or upgrades you have done and you can even look at the qualitative areas of market condition, interior, exterior and privacy. The ability to look at high quality Microsoft aerial imagery with birds eye 45 degree angles is quite specacular. Cyberhomes has my vote.

  2. Paul says:

    Are you going to warn me soon that your blog is a paid infomercial for Zillow? 🙂 j/k

  3. daveloveless says:

    You’ve figured me out, Paul. Now I’m afraid that I’ll have to bribe you to keep my secret. Is $1.50 a week enough?

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