Why I hate Target

I’ve mentioned several times that I have a strong dislike of Target. Many have asked me why. <PULLS OUT SOAP BOX><STANDS ON SOAP BOX><CLEARS THROAT>

I first went to Target many years ago. I found it unimpressive and, personally, overbearing. It was just another retailer like Wal-Mart, Macey’s, or any other store, but they had a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. Several years later, my wife and I went there just to check it out and see what it had to offer. This is when my strong dislike began.

  • Immediately on entering, we were surprised to see garbage everywhere. This isn’t garbage like “dirtiness.” No, we are talking about garbage. It looked like someone had taken a huge trash can and dumped it everywhere in the store.
  • Many aisles were impossible to walk down because they were littered with product thrown on the floor. In particular, the shoe section didn’t have a single shoe on the shelves.
  • There was an abnormally large number of children (like 50 kids) running wild throughout the entire store, pulling things off shelves, yelling, and being, well, little kids. I can understand some kids, but it felt like the local elementary school had dropped in for recess.
  • We counted several dozen employees doing nothing, not even making an effort to control the disaster.
  • When we picked up food (even canned food), we found ourselves checking expiration dates and brushing dust and grime off the food. Except for milk, every other dairy product we looked at was expired, some by several weeks.
  • When we finally gave up, we abandoned our cart (the only time I have ever done that) and walked out. On our way out, we were accosted by a store manager who threatened us if we did not put the product back on the shelf.
  • When I wrote a letter of complaint to Target, my complaint was summarily dismissed and ignored. The reply basically said, “Target maintains a clean and inviting environment in all of its stores.” There were no apologies, no invitations to return, no acknowledgment of our ordeal, nothing. To be honest, I hadn’t expected much, but I had hoped for at least recognition. This single act was enough to sour me on Target forever and, I might add, provided the impetus for my crusade against Target.

That is why I hate Target.

Since that time, I actively campaign against Target among my friends and family.

To be fair, I have been back to Target on several occasions and even to several different locations. In fact, I was just there yesterday. On almost each trip, I find my first opinions to be valid. Not always, but most of the time. Since my first bad experience, I have had several other bad experiences including the following events:

  • When I asked an employee where a very specific item was (flashlights), he answered by waving his hand broadly in a direction across the store and stating, “That way.” He did this while walking by and without ever looking me in the eye. (December 2006)
  • When greeting a cashier, she looked at me like I was covered in rotting fish, popped her gum, and ignored me. (January 2007)
  • When asking for a pen to sign my credit card receipt, the pen was thrown at me. The receipt was also dropped on the counter in front of me as though I were a leper and untouchable. (February 2007)

Most of these are, granted, minor things. However, I was a cashier for six years, and I know that anyone can stand to put on their “game face” for the time they are at work, and if they can’t, they shouldn’t be working. Customer Service isn’t that hard, but it is everything when it comes to pleasing and keeping customers.

And Target, you’ve failed.


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  1. Courtney Loveless says:

    I know many others who will vouch for Target, but he isn’t exaggerating about the conditions of the store. It really was that filthy. He forget to mention that the shelves, particularly in the dairy section, were less than half stocked. The products that we did find looked questionable and quite a lot of it was expired.

    While I may disagree about the easiness of customer service, I do agree about that pleasing and keeping customers is key.

  2. Paul says:


    Nice rant, though I disagree. 🙂

  3. daveloveless says:

    Not a rant. A rant would be full of frustration and anger. None of that here. Just facts stated calmly and as they happened to me.

  4. Rachel says:

    Hmmm… Target sounds alot like St. Vincents here in town. Maybe not quite as bad, but pretty close alot of the time.

  5. Dave,

    1. They stared at you like you were a rotting fish.
    2. They acted like you were a leper.

    Hmm. Are you sure you’d taken a shower those weeks you went to Target?

    Ha ha ha.


  6. Jocelyn says:

    Ahh, Robert’s funny. Good thing I married him. *Sigh.*

    I have to admit, though, that I am a fan of Target. It is by no means perfect, but my experiences have been overall positive. Hopefully I don’t have any of your bad luck to burst my bubble!

  7. nosurfgirl says:

    are you pronouncing it tar-jay? Because if you did, maybe you’d like it better.

  8. Monica says:

    I am a senior in high school, and I work for a Target Store in Minnesota. Our store is anal retentive about maintaining a spotless environment, so I can’t understand how your store could be that messy, but thats beside the point. I HATE target as well, but for entirely different reasons. While the managers are nice, they are extremely “fake enthusiastic” and pretend they care about you, but if you didn’t have your name tag on and werent wearing red and khacki, they couldn’t care less about you. I have never been unhappier than I have been in the past 7 months I’ve been employed at Target. Although they start out being very flexible with your schedule, they eventually make you work every weekend night, because they dont want to be there themselves. If you’re not scheduled to work one morning, forget about sleeping in…target will call you at 7am and try to persuade you to come in to “fill a shift”. I called in sick today for the first time in 7 months, and the LOD was very rude, saying I really needed to come in, and I was actualy really sick. She ended up hanging up on me. Target obviously has no idea how to keep employees, because the turn around rate of employees is horrible. If they want their cashiers to be on call 24/7, maybe they ought to pay better, or not hire busy high school students. Thanks for listening. I am submitting my two weeks notice tomorrow morning. I officially hate target.

  9. jody says:

    I also hate Target. A super Target was put in about 2 miles from my house and I was delighted because it is by far the closest place to get groceries, not to mention everything else.

    First off, I got the credit card with which you periodically get a 10% off shopping trip, but it ends up it expires somewhere between before you receive it and a month after you receive it. We rarely got to use it and dropped the credit card. You would think that a CC reward wouldn’t expire, or at least not so quickly.

    The produce is often old and wilted. If something is on sale it is very often out of stock. They close the deli far before the store closes and often remove a lot of the produce as well. I recently got some of their archer farm deli cut turkey since the deli was closed and the employee said it was the same meet precut. It was the chopped up and re-fabricated type of meat and it was so salty I couldnt eat it (and I am a big salt fan).

    If a food item is on sale it is usually out of stock. If you are getting something for a holiday, forget it they will be out. and yes, they have expired items all over the place. and I once purchased 2 packets of shreaded cheese that was not expired according to the date, but when opened was VERY moldy, making me wonder how well they care for the food.

    Then to top it off, my son got a 3 piece outfit for his birthday – it was too small. It came with a gift receipt and I took it to the store to exchange it for the EXACT same thing but a size larger. They said it was not on the gift certificate and that they could only exchange 2 thing per person per year so they could not exchange the whole outfit for me. Before telling me this, they sent me to find the outfit in the larger size.

    I still go there because the next closest place to pick up food is 3 times as far away, but I try to keep my visits to a minimum and am very careful about what I buy there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve bought 3 major itmes from Target, and one is 2 weeks late (orderd online). The other two are shoddily made. The folding bookcase I bought for my dorm won’t “fold” all the way down; the shelves won’t align with the niches to hold them in place so they tip backward. The 3-head arc floor lamp is missing the screw which holds the head in place, and when I called customer service, all they could offer was to send a whole new lamp then have ME pack and send the old one and pay $5 for it all. Just contact the manufacturer, like a responsible business would, and send me the screw asap free of cost!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hate target for different reasons as well, they have unfair working condidtions and I am often discriminated against and I am an assistant manager or ETL as they call it. THE WORST decision I made after college was to join this company.

  12. MVD says:

    I hate Target, because I gave them 8 years of my life with nothing in return, but my own 401K! I can’t even get a reference from them:) I gave them 3 weeks notice! HUH. I have been unemployed for 4 months and with my expertise……well.!? Target failed to follow their mission statement… If the guests only knew what went on in a Target store.

  13. MVD says:

    Target is F F F…. 4 ETLs left my store in Sv NY in 4 months….. HMMMMM…. 10 ETLs left D451 in 5 months…. HMMMMM….. Target fails to keep the people of value, because they don’t want people with families! Cost reduction is the name of the game…

  14. Sandra K. says:

    I’ve already written to Target but wanted to share my last Target experience with you. My sister runs a daycare in her home so that she can care for her mentally disabled daughter. All of her money goes to her daughter and the daycare. After years of not having a Christmas tree, she saved up for months to buy a tree after Christmas. She ended up buying it at Target. Went home and put the never opened box it in her attic. Why would anyone think to check the box since it had never been opened. This year when she pulled i t out, the top piece was missing. Armed with her receipt she went back to the Target store where the Managers she spoke with all told her bottom line, nothing they could do for her because it was so long ago. Tough luck, you have no tree, Merry Christmas…no offer to replace it or give her a discount on another tree…nothing, just too bad…take your receipt and half a tree and go away. I guarantee you if it had been Home Depot, they would have done something so she could have a tree this year,,,but not Target. Target already had a reputation of not caring about their customers or the community. Now it’s a proven fact that I will never forget and will relate this experience to everyone I meet for the rest of my life. I did hear back from Target and got the same canned “they don’t care” response re-stating their 90 day return policy that they never ever make exceptions to.

  15. daveloveless says:

    Hands down, Target has the worst return policy out there. Absolutely the worst. Wal-Mart may eat it sometimes because they are so free with their policy (I’ve returned many things there without a receipt with no questions asked), but they score big with customer loyalty.

    For me, it more than makes up the difference.

  16. JILL B says:

    I help assist a mentally disabled lady. She was recently chosen from a local angel tree. She recieved a huge box of red dishes. They were great except the color. Her new apartment (she finally became independent enough to move into an apartment on her own) Her kitchen is ocean blue, grn, and purple. . . . so RED dishes would NOT work. Ofcourse the reciept did not accompany the dishes when she recieved them, we just figured that Target would give her a gift card and she could buy other things for her apt. NO, NO, NO!! Under no circumstances would they do anything. They said anything over $20 without a reciept could not be returned. After explaining the angle tree to them, they still said there was nothing they could do. THIS IS A SAD,SAD WORLD WHEN A RETAILER BEHAVES LIKE THIS!!

  17. MMA says:

    I feel your pain Jill, I went to return two items this weekend that were given to me as gifts, only to hear about that same stupid return policy of $20 and under. It must be new, I’ve never heard of it before and I’ve been a loyal shopper there for years! I wont shop there anymore… the underlying implication with that policy is that anyone who tries to return something without a receipt is a criminal. Its ridiculous.

  18. Kayla says:

    I have worked for target in Fl for almost 2 years and you *** need to stop whining! you complain about the strict return policy, its because WE DONT WANNA GET RIPPED OFF. thats why walmart is always getting stolen from, because any *** can just walk in with anything that they bought from any store and return it with no recipt and no questions asked. that not good guest service, thats just stupid. do YOU wanna get ripped off? NO! and target dosent either

    NOTE: Edited by Administrator to remove foul language.

  19. daveloveless says:


    Thanks for your opposing view. In the future, please note that continued use of any language on this blog will result in you being permanently blocked.

    If you can’t keep it clean, please go play elsewhere.


  20. daveloveless says:


    You have been blocked from this site. We are having a calm discussion of our opinions of Target, and your anger and language are not appreciated.

    I understand that you have some obviously different opinions, and you are more than welcome to express those opinions calmly and respectfully. However, since you seem incapable of doing so, I invite you to express them elsewhere.


  21. Sarah says:

    Kayla, I’m not sure if you can still read this site since you’re blocked from it, but a company loses nothing on exchanges. You shouldn’t need a receipt to exchange. If I receive $20 red plates and I want to exchange them for $20 purple plates, Target loses nothing. And if they’re nice about it, I’m probably going to spend more money there. They fail to see the big picture when it comes to making money.

    Of course, I am boycotting Target so I now exchange things at Fred Meyer. 😀

  22. Cheyne Atkins says:

    Any retail store can only do so much, It seems like a large majority of bloggers are complaining about the return policy and deeming it as the major flaw with a store (Target.) In my view its great that some people have more emotional comments than others, but in the end why should a retail store return an item for you if you don’t have your receipt.

    If it was a gift… It was a gift its not like your losing any money because you’d rather have cash than the nice outfit that your friend got you. If its the wrong size and you cant return it then, re-wrap and save a few bucks.

    I don’t think that Target management has a fake personality although im sure they exist, I think that Targets management is professional, and if an environment is professional and an employee isn’t following a dress code or following guidelines than im sure there entitled to get there point across.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have worked for Target for 6+ years. Recently, they changed their Attendance policy to a “Best Team Culture” which does not provide clear expectations to their employees. The old policy had a 5 minute grace period which allowed team member’s to clock in within 5 minutes of your start time (i.e. you’re scheduled to start at 7a.m. so long as you were clocked in by 7:05a.m. you were good). THe old policy was reasonable… say you ride the bus and you’re bus arrived a few minutes late, or if you hit a red light you typically don’t hit on the way to work a few minutes wouldn’t have made a difference.

    Under the new “Best Team Culture” you no longer have this 5 minute grace period. I went on vacation just before this new policy was implmented and was blind sighted when I clocked in a few minutes late. The end of decemeber my Team Lead (aka TDL) approached me at my desk (I work for HQ) and said “You were tardy 7 times this month.” In shock I asked her for a list of dates and the times I punched in at. She showed me 7 dates with the times of anywhere from 1-4 minutes late. I couldn’t believe it. I was placed on corrective action (since I had a few tardy’s from the old policy which pushed me over the edge and into a corrective action)… and now I am on final warning since last week i punched in 1 minute late.

    So basically, they’re willing to fire a hard working employee with good standing for 6+ years.This doesn’t seem too “Best Team” to me!

    Needless to say I’ve already started a job hunt.

  24. Angie Kettman says:

    I think I hate Target even more than you. I purchased a cordless phone from Target two weeks ago for my company, a huge automotive retailer. The phone quit working today so I sent an employee back to the store to return it. We even had the box. We do not keep receipts at store level, they are sent to home office. Target refused to exchange the defective phone for me because I did not have a “tangible receipt”. I printed out a loss prevention report to show the store had done a paid out, and they could not have cared less. I even had my division manager call to explain why we didn’t have a receipt, and they gave him a corporate number to call. He called that number and still, no exchange without a receipt. I am planning on mailing the phone to their corporate headquarters as soon as I can find an address. I will personally never shop there again, and I look forward to the day they go out business completely, which is inevitable seeing as how everyone one of their competitors are willing help their customers. What a stupid useless store!

  25. Sharon says:

    I worked at Target for 17 years. For the last 7 years I have been a team lead on the front lanes. We have 40 registers to shut down when the store closes at 10pm. We have 50 minutes to collect everything from all registers because the cash office has to be verified and the locks set by 11pm. We are always short handed and incredibly rushed. If we don’t have it done on time we receive a final warning. On Feb. 20,2007 I accidentally left the money in one of the registers which was found in the morning by the opening team lead. This was a bad mistake, however no money was missing. Also, every other team lead has made this mistake at one time or another but it was not reported. We have some new team leads who do feel the need to report. { One of them is also on a final warning having been reported by the other one.} The registers are locked with a store lock as well as a register lock [only overnight executives can open a register.} Anyway, my point is the money was secured but it is supposed to be in the cash office in the safe. I was put on a final warning at that time, which is for one year not to make the same mistake. On Feb. 2 of this year I stupidly left money in a drawer again and was fired the next day.
    I had been a stay at home mom until I got that job in 1991. It was basically the only job I had ever had and I gave it my all. I wish they would have given me the opportunity to go to another position but my feeling is they can get someone else to do my job at half the price, due to my seniority. This is no fault of theirs and not their problem but I am 51 years old and now will have to start over somewhere else because I support myself. I have to move out of my apt asap because I cannot afford it. They didn’t care one bit about any of this.
    I do take responsibility for my mistake, but still am devastated and scared.
    Thanks for listening.

  26. daveloveless says:

    Sharon, I wish you the best. That cannot be easy to be in your position. With your many years of experience, hopefully you can quickly move into another position.


  27. team member says:

    My best advice for anyone working for Target (or for anyone)is to watch your back!!!!

  28. Fred says:

    Having spent two and half months working for Target, all I can say is. . .I’m not surprised at all the complaints and horror stories from customers (sorry, ‘guests’) and current and former employees (sorry again, ‘team members’).

    Target is, without a doubt, the worst employer I’ve ever had. They treat their employees like crap, the management shows an insane degree of favoritism, rules are followed only as long as they don’t inconvenience anyone (or they want to get rid of you), and if you step on the wrong toes, forget staying there for very long.

    And whatever you do, DON’T show any degree of expertise in whichever department you happen to work in, especially if that expertise exceeds that of your team lead.

    I was hired to ‘help fix the problems in the deli’ at a new SuperTarget because of my experience in the food service industry. Great. Pretty easy, really. I identified the problems in the deli, and was ignored by a team lead whose entire Target career consisted of working soft lines. Her only experience working with food involved a short stint at Burger King in high school. She resented my presence in her ‘domain’, which was pretty obvious, and always acted in a petty way towards me. When I got tired of her attitude and with being ignored when I pointed out problems, I went to the store team lead.

    I was fired a few days later for being late from a break. Not five minutes, not ten minutes. A minute. Probably seconds, really. But the team lead jumped on it and used it as an excuse to get rid of me.

    I’d never missed a day, never been late, was always being complimented by guests and fellow team members for my work ethic, attitude, attention to detail, etc. A good employee, who just happened to step on the wrong toes.

    I’d honestly rather work for McDonald’s than Target. At least with the Clown, you know you’re in for a lot of bull****. Target outright lies to its new employees, makes all kinds of promises they don’t keep–and then uses people.

    I don’t hate Target. I DESPISE Target.

  29. Roxanne Stiteler says:

    I used to be a “die-hard” Target shopper-not anymore! My husband and I were married two weeks ago-and registered at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. When we went to return gifts at BB&B, they were courteous and gave us no problems-we were in and out in minutes. Target, however, is another story. We went to return a showerhead (unopened) that was clearly listed on our bridal registry..(meaning, Im assuming, they have the serial number and whatever else they need)however because I had no reciept I couldnt even exchange it! And forget talking to a manager-they just give you a 800 number to somewhere in India. Ive written the CEO, the better business bureau, and have heard nothing. Big suprise! I will never shop at Target again-I would rather shop at Wal-Mart, and God knows I hate them-but at least they take their own merchandise back!

  30. Mecca says:

    I also used to love shopping at Target, I still do, but after this, probably not anymore if I can help it. I registered for the baby registry and I took 2 items to the customer service desk to be exchanged and was told that they couldn’t do it without a gift receipt because the items were over 20$. There is record that they were purchased off my registry but still no help from customer service, nor the store manager. I was repeatedly told that they didn’t understand the policy, that’s just how it is and that people are always upset about it. I didn’t understand the problem since all I wanted to do was exchange, thus keeping the money spent in their pockets. Was basically told I would have to eat the approx. 60$. I asked what I was supposed to do with the stuff that was duplicates of registered gifts, all I got was a shrug of several shoulders. Ridiculous….. Was also told by associate at the customer service desk that I could probably exchange at Walmart???!!! I called the 800 number given to me by the store manager and got the same run around (did seem the guy was in India or such)–hard to understand him, after getting nowhere with him and asking for his manager, I was told that his manager was unavailable, and no , he couldn’t give me the name of the “unavailable” manager and no, they couldn’t call me back when the manager became available. I’d have to call back, and no, he isn’t sure if the manager would be available then either. Some help that customer service line was….THEY SUCK! What a way to treat your customers.

  31. jennifer says:

    glad to see i’m not alone. i hate target! i’ve now realized i can’t even go near the store as my blood pressure starts to rise … how they make any money is beyond me.

  32. Joan says:

    I am also a Target cashier and I in fact like Target, for the most part. I work at a store in Washington State and though I feel like they should be kinder to the sales floor workers who must back up the front lanes as well as organize the whole store after the people who put the product out messed up their jobs. I feel my employers genuinely care about me. Last week I got confused with my schedule, something I have never done before, and I missed my three and a half hour shift (here in Washington they don’t allow kids in high school to work at Target more than three and a half hours on a school night or they fine the store $10,000 or so they told me) and not only did they call my home but when I called them back to apologize they told me that they were just glad that I was ok. They told me that they had been afraid that I was in a car accident or something. I know Target is by no means perfect and there are a lot of teens who don’t give a rip who get employed who hurt the overall experience and think jobs=socializing Target is one of the few stores that still employs minors and many minors lack maturity. In addition in terms of the kids pulling things off the shelves and the shoes on the floor that is a major problem at my store as well and to tell you the truth it is not the Target employee’s fault. I go up to seemingly unsupervised kids who are playing with tampon boxes pulling them out of the boxes and shooting them at each other and ask them to stop and than the mother comes out of no where and tells me I have no right parenting her kids and than tells me that Wal-Mart lets her kids play with the tampons where upon I dearly want to tell her to go shop at Wal-Mart. Target also does not have the worst return policy we require 90 days with a receipt for a no hassle return we also have made it so that if you pay with a check debit or credit card we can look up your receipt if you loose it and going the extra mile we have made it so that if you purchase an item under $20 you can return it twice a year without a receipt other wise yes you are out of luck and you want to know why? I was working at guest services when a kid came up with a target bag and a bag full of item and his mothers ID. He told me that he had gotten these toys as a gift and no longer had the receipt so I began the process before I had finished Targets security system called guest services to tell me that the kid returning the items had never been paid for that in fact the kid had taken a bag and walked around the store putting things from the shelves into the bag and then walking it up to guest services to return the unpaid items. Even though the child who was about 9 years old didn’t look like a shoplifter he in all actuality was one. The reason why we only accept items within 90 days even with a receipt is because after 90 days it is likely we no longer carry the item and by returning it we have to zero it out of the system meaning we donate it to a charity. What the person should have done who bought the tree was contact the manufacturer because they could have don more for her than Target could do. Here is what I hate I hate a certain type of Target “guest” if I had a guest over who treated my house the way people treat the store I would never have them back again. People leave their Starbucks cups on shelves try on shoes which they just dump on the floor unfold every shirt than buy the only one they didn’t unfold put their kids in unpaid for clothes which their child then pees on and they then decide they no longer want. They take toys off the shelf to amuse their children while they shop then after they have drooled all over it give it to me to bring to guest services in order to defect it out. They switch clearance prices and then demand to get the $100 quilt for $9.99 even though the numbers for the $9.99 item is for a vase they ask questions about items price and when you tell them that no the item is not on sale for $5.00 that it is indeed $8.99 they still go up to the cash registers and tell the cashiers that you told them the item was on sale $5.00. They try to return item from Wal-Mart and when you tell them you can’t they tell you that your wrong and that they did buy it from Target even after you call Wal-Mart and verify that the product is indeed an exclusively Wal-Mart brand. They open up the paper towel packs of 24 and the diapers, which we must then destroy and though we offer free emergency diapers at guest services people still steel one diaper from the box. We have people who take their used shoes and exchange them for Target shoes we have people take the tags off their target jeans staple them to used designer jeans and try to return them we have people demand their money back for shoes which have obviously been warn because they only bought them for one event but when we refuse they say we have too harsh of a return policy. We have people who try to return pajamas that smell so bad that I can smell the items as they are walking in the door. I have people who call to tell me they forgot an item and when I tell them that I didn’t find it but invite them to come back to the store and reselect it from the shelf they choose a more expensive brand and tell me it was the one they bought. People say this is our job and we are getting paid to do this but when you pull a box of shoes out the least you can do is put it back, if guests did this than we would have time do things like dusting but id we have to constantly clean up other peoples messes we don’t have time to dust off the shelves or make sure things are in the right spot we only have so much time and when we clean up the same thing over and over and over again. We can either be eacch of our hundreds of guests personal maids or we can work for the store we can’t do both there isn’t enough time. I do have a problem with the fact that Target does not do even exchanges for the same item but again yes we do loose money see that kid I mentioned earlier who went shopping if he were to break the toys and take the toys to guest services to exchange for the same item now he would get a receipt and Target has just taken two hits because we would have to defect the broken toy and let him take the second toy which he can walk out of the store with no problem and that drives our prices up and tightens our return policy so don’t blame Target for their inflexibility blame the people who shop there. I know it is kind of lame but enough people have done it that it is a problem. Now I don’t hate all Target guests in fact talking to them makes my job fun and the bad guests make it interesting. Hope this gave you a little insight and though I am sure it probably didn’t sway your opinions I just wanted to give you thee other side in a way that didn’t include fowl language.

    P.S Target Red Cards/Credit cards are not bad as long as you pay them off right away and if you shop at Target on a frequent bases, they are easy for people who have no credit to get so as longs as you pay it off it isn’t a bad first card to have. Do I have one? No. Will I get one? Maybe. But like all credit cards they require thought and responsibility before applying. Oh and if your buying $600 worth of items it may be worth it if you can pay it off right away but don’t buy it when they tell you that you can just cancel the card because that hurts your credit so be sure this is a card you are willing to use. I tried to reply to all the complaints you all posted I’ll try to check back and see how you all respond.

  33. daveloveless says:


    Thanks for the wonderfully mature and intelligent response. I’m very glad to see the other side of the picture since I’m well aware that my experiences are not reflective of the entire image.

    You’re a credit to Target.


  34. Oscar says:

    Hi there,
    I have worked for Target in Texas for almost three years as an Executive Team Leader (assistant manager), and it has let me to some good experiences and some bad ones as well. Retail is not for everyone and not everyone has the capacity to act “normal” when they visit our stores. We carry and provide many different varieties of products that we try to have available for our guests, but the product is there before we have on sale. That means that everyone had a chance to buy an item at $10, and not wait for it to go at $8. Yes sometimes we have guests that take advantage of the good deals and stacks up on whatever the product is, and leaves others with nothing to shop from. I have seen where “guests” buy sodas, chairs, tables, basketball, etc… by the truck load, and if it were your business the faster and more you sell the better. I work for a Target that makes $55 million a year, and it is not easy keep it nice and tidy all the time. Sometimes we have a total of 200+ team members working in a day, and it is not enough to keep up with everyone’s mess. I know that some of us puts back the items where we grab them from, others simply dump them on any shelf available, on the floor beneath the price scanners, or in the check lanes when about to pay. When you see adults and kids riding bikes or skateboards around the store, someone going for a “hail marry” by the sports section, you wonder what kind of manners they have, and other guests just get the messy store. We have call buttons for you to prompt and a team member will assist you within 60 seconds. We have red phones for you to page a team member and they will respond with in 60 seconds. The bad thing is that there are too many kids with out manners going around the store playing with them. “A boy that cried wolf.”

    We try to provide good guest service to everyone, but it balances between cleaning spills, picking up the sports balls and clothing, trying to keep our toddlers to be properly secure (I have seen a kid fall out of shopping carts and actually lose an eye because they hit head first) and other miscellaneous that are too horrid to mention. In regards to the food I am very surprised, because in our store we spend about an hour times 20+ team members 4 times a week looking for out dated product. Not to mention get visits by the city inspectors, and a contractor to look for food discrepancies, and there is someone in charge of the food looking for any out of dates.

    I also agree that we have a rigorous return policy. We require a valid receipt within 90 days and product been new and unused for all returns and exchanges. Policy strict, yes, fair yes, because we let you return items. In some stores sales are final! There have been too many shortages that because of many, some also take the penalty.

    The following I consider the downfall of the Target. I see there is a lot of favoritism at every level at least in my region. “It is whether they like you or don’t,” according to my store manager. Translation, does not matter if you are a hard worker or not it matter if we like you or not. I try to be as fair as possible with all team members, but I do tend to lean in favor of students. I believe education is far more important that any job until you get your degree. Going back to favoritism or promoting the Target culture, the expectations that Target has are ridiculous. I would say that only a 10% of our team members actually fulfill the requirements, but 50% of them would get a great raise. Words do not match up actions and many managers try to step on you to make them selves look better.

    Besides that, I love my job and I love Target. I enjoy every day that I am at work. It gives me an opportunity to handle different tasks at the same time, and I know that everyday will be different.

  35. Anita says:

    I hate Target due to their atrocious plus size section. We only get probably 2 ft of space in the store, and its all sloppy stay at home clothes.

  36. JKyle says:

    I work at Target for almost 2 years and I enjoy it for the most part. Sure, they call me early in the morning for a shift but I just tell them no cause I have homework and they are cool with that. I work as a general guest service team member so I sometimes work in Guest Service. I had a young gril wanting to return a opened Sims game. It was DVD and but she doesn’t have the DVD-CD player, just a CD-ROM player. Anything elecotronical must not be opened if you plan to return it. So, she was unable to find a PC-CDROM so I could not return it for her.

    I always feel bad for this but the matter of the fact it’s policy. It may not seem fair but we as a store are responsible if we are ripped off. As well, my neck is on the line and would surely be cut off if I went against policy therefore I would like to keep my neck. I am sorry that is being selfish. I do understand whhy our policy is not liked though. But it’s becuase we, well, try and be better then Walmart. I foculd do something about it and not get in trouble, I would. But it’s policy that the chairmen make and we as a store can not do anything to alter it.

    There are alot of things wrong with Target though. Our guest services, while is ok, does lack alot. Some workers are just idiots. But I still like working there. I have made tons of friends. When we all close, we will go out to a wings joint, have a beer, and kick back. I hang out with them in between classes at school. Proably the single most best thing about working at Target is everyone I made friends with.

    I just wanted to answer somethings you have said in your post:

    “Immediately on entering, we were surprised to see garbage everywhere. This isn’t garbage like “dirtiness.” No, we are talking about garbage. It looked like someone had taken a huge trash can and dumped it everywhere in the store.”

    What time of day was it? Every night, a clean up crew goes around the store and cleans it up. However, during the day, regular taregt stores do not have a janitor. So, after a long Saturday from 8 to 11, the store can obviously gewt dirty along with team members cleaning it up periodically.

    “Many aisles were impossible to walk down because they were littered with product thrown on the floor. In particular, the shoe section didn’t have a single shoe on the shelves.”

    Around 3 o’clock, sales floor team members shift into zoning mode where they clean up ALL the aisles. However, it is there responbility to have it cleaned. So they either never got to that aisle yet or they were slacking.

    “There was an abnormally large number of children (like 50 kids) running wild throughout the entire store, pulling things off shelves, yelling, and being, well, little kids. I can understand some kids, but it felt like the local elementary school had dropped in for recess. We counted several dozen employees doing nothing, not even making an effort to control the disaster. ”

    Blam the parents not the store. If we said “only 25 kids at a time”, we would be in trouble. I agree though. I have seen more then one occassion where parents drop there kids off to go elsewhere. As for controlling, we can only offer helpful advices. A kid was climging on my register. I asked the parents kindly to take him off. The parents yelled at me for telling them to not tell them what to do with thier kids. While this is not common practice, there are instances like that.

    “When we picked up food (even canned food), we found ourselves checking expiration dates and brushing dust and grime off the food. Except for milk, every other dairy product we looked at was expired, some by several weeks.
    When we finally gave up, we abandoned our cart (the only time I have ever done that) and walked out.”

    As I said earlier, people were salcking it shouldn’t happen. However, it is easy to overlook stuff. I spent two hours just sorting out the cehck out areas candy for expirated merchandise. They do it every so often. I think they should do it more but that means more people being put on the scheduale therefore less money in the higher-ups pockets.

    “On our way out, we were accosted by a store manager who threatened us if we did not put the product back on the shelf.”

    I am confused. Were you taking it out with you? Obviously, you would be stopped. If not, the manager must of been stuck up and anal rententive. When a guest doesn’t want something, I just put it back on my shelf behind me. It is not considered common practice to tell guests to return items back to thier proper place. Granted, we would love…makes less work for us but hey, it’s our job. I will never forget seeing a box of tampons opened in mens restroom or a cereal box in a shirt on the rack. Oh, and a pop and popcorn bag in the mens toilet.

    “When I wrote a letter of complaint to Target, my complaint was summarily dismissed and ignored. The reply basically said, “Target maintains a clean and inviting environment in all of its stores.” There were no apologies, no invitations to return, no acknowledgment of our ordeal, nothing. ”

    It was proably an automated response. Sadly in this day of age, companies don’t really care. I liked interacting with guests and hearing how thier day was. I wish we would as a company do that but, sadly, we only do when it looks good for us like neighboorhood watches and picnics and such.

    “To be honest, I hadn’t expected much, but I had hoped for at least recognition. This single act was enough to sour me on Target forever and, I might add, provided the impetus for my crusade against Target.”

    I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. I have been in many Targets before (I always go to one whenever I got visait places) and I have been to like, 2 bad ones. However, I have been to alot of good ones.

    I apologize for such a long post. But however the person who posted defending Target is just a ranting idiot. I wanted to give a possible reasonable and rationale defense even though I am not really defending Target (or trying not to). Just wanted to state some facts and represent my experience.

  37. Berniece says:

    I’ve been working for Target for about 7 years now in a Team Leader position. I have read all the above posts and have been nodding “yes” to some and sneering in discust to others. I love Target. I love my job there. Target is an overwhelming environment when you consider the amount of people we have to do the job. The team leads and team members are all pushed to the max to accomplish the impossible. If I could just do my job, I would never consider leaving, but much of my time is spent just trying to maintain the store. When “closing”, we must completely pick up every aisle, rack and shelf in the store. We must zone the store to look as if it would be Grand Opening the next day. The inconsiderate and uncaring guests that don’t put back unwanted items costs Target millions of dollars in payroll. This is of course passed on in higher prices and more stringent policies such as the return policy. Target is in the business of making money, not being your next door neighbor, although they are philanthropic.
    Do I sound loyal? Maybe. Am I disgruntled? Definitely. While it’s easy for a guest to come to Target and have high expectations that they will A: find what they are shopping for, B: will be treated fairly and courteously, C: pay a fair price and D: have a pleasant environment to shop from, it seems like it should also be easy for them to see how much effort it takes to present that enviroment. However it isn’t. Is the guest aware of the amount of hours it takes to get the product on the floor, priced and merchandised? No. Keeping it looking pleasant for the guest to shop from requires constant zoning. When items are left other than in their correct place, the team has to put back the “reshop”. Clothing alone takes 4-5 hours with 3 people. The shopping experience commenses with checkout. We have had many people complain that there aren’t enough checklanes open. If we staffed all the checklanes so there was never a wait, we wouldn’t have people on the floor to stock the product, help guests find items and keep it zoned. We have a process where sales floor members are called up to help when there is more than two people waiting in a checklane.
    Target’s mission statement says it wants to present to you a “brand shopping experience.” This means that it wants to live up to your expectations. If this is what you want, please help the only way you can. Shop there with the same courtesy you expect.

  38. Kyle says:

    I’ve worked at a Super Target here in North Texas for the past 3 months. I am in nursing school and this semester I was able to work PART-TIME because my school load was varly light.

    I HATE working at TARGET. I am a cashier. I have never had a job where part time employment constisted of 6 days a week. It’s a joke! (20-25 hours)

    Also, I am pushed DAILY to ask for red cards. I always ask because it is my job but all my team leads are constantly hounding us about opening red cards. The other day my lead said….”Good Morning Kyle, I want you to open 3 red cards today.” And then she walked away! I hadn’t seen this lead in 2 weeks because of opposite schedules (she hired me) and thats all she could say to me…..3 red cards. GEEZ…Get a grip!

    I’ve asked for several days off too for school and so far it really hasn’t been an issue, ALTHOUGH I was treated like I was asking my manager for the world when I put in my request. I was honest and straight forward w/ them when I interviewed; that there would be CERTAIN DAYS that I would need off for school.

    Retail is retail is retail. Meaning–> It’s the same everywhere. I applied at several retail stores and I’m certain that if Wally-mart would of hired me, I’d be here talking about them and not target. I can’t blame Target really for how their employees are treated and/or under valued…….thats the nature of the giant retail beast. Don’t get me wrong, Target is a joke and an awful place to work but what can you do about it. I’m just so THANKFUL that I’m getting my education so I can get the HECK OUT OF DODGE. I feel sorry for some of my co-workers though, jobs like Target are all they’ll ever know. They either don’t have the opporunity to go back to school or the determination to. To each his own I guess! I’m sure that you can have a rewarding career at Target; its just not for me.

    I’m leaving the company in August and I CANNOT WAIT! I will NEVER SHOP at TARGET again after my employment. I’m a Wal-mart/Kroger guy all the way!

  39. Meghan says:

    The Target in my area isn’t so bad (physically). Nice products, not dirty.
    But the customer service, is usually horrible. I work at Best Buy, which is right next to Target. So on my lunch break I usually stop in and get some lunch, and pick up a few things I need.

    1) First of all, I don’t have the time to wait in line for LITERALLY 10 minutes. I’m on a break, and I’m guessing that everyone else in line doesn’t have that kind of time, nor do they want to wait in line for ten minutes.
    I work in retail as well, so I understand that I am not the only customer in line, and I will probably have to wait. But what I do not understand is, why can’t they open a couple more lanes?…or train their cashiers using “scan times” so they are motivated to go faster…that’s how I was trained as a cashier at my last retail job, and believe me, it was worth it. Do you know how many customers have told me they’d rather be in my lane @ my job, because it goes quicker than the other cashier I’m with?…it’s not hard to train, and it’s worth the effort.

    2) Why does the “express lane” take longer than a regular lane?? Always, guaranteed.

    3)It’s a common retail rule, that if there are more than 2 people in line, call for back-up.

    4)…Do you know how many time’s I’ve had to walk away, and put back the items I was going to purchase, because I ran out of time on my lunch break….

    5)When you finally get to the register, the cashier gives you a snotty pre-teen-girl “I-hate-you-for-bothering-me-while-im-at-WORK” look
    I like the way it was said above “covered in rotting fish”. exactly.
    I will say that at the Target in my town, there are 2 very nice cashiers I have encountered. So I would like to exclude them from this rant:)…but that’s 2 out of 50? pathetic.

    I have now gone out of my way to stop shopping there. I rarely buy lunch there, only when I don’t have time to pack it at home.
    I do most of my shopping for the little things at walmart now, which is right up the road and cheaper. A little more inconvienent having to drive out of my way on the ride home, but worth it to find a competant cashier. I’m guessing walmart probably does “scan time” audits. They may not be enthusiastic about their job, but I won’t have to wait ten minutes.

    And on one more note– i was highly offended one day a couple years ago. I was in the cosmetics department, shopping for some powder cover-up. I was trying to find the right color, in a better brand that the last one I bought…well as I’m sure you ladies know- that can be a time-consuming task. But would you ever expect to be watched by a security guard, just because you are taking them time to pick out good make up?(which is more expensive, so it would have been worth it if they would have backed off)
    …well I was just browsing, and I was there for probably 10 minutes. Then around the corner, comes a security guard, and says “can I help you find something”…no, I really doubt a man can help me pick out make up… it was pretty obvious what he was really saying, which was something like “i think you’re stealing, so im gonna sneak up and try to catch you in the act” so i politely said “no thanks, just looking”…he said Ok, but he stood there for a second and watched. I though about walking away, but that woud make me really look suspicious, so I just kept looking. I decided that I was not going to give any money to this store, and eventually left the department.
    The weird thing was, I wasn’t opening packages, or getting things too close to to my purse (i wasn’t even carring one, I left it in my mom’s cart)

    ok. end of my rant. I just felt like getting that off my chest.

  40. Kyle says:


    Like I said I am a cashier at Target…..I feel your pain about waiting in line. We have a additional cashier button on our registers which I always press if there are more than 2 people in line, BUT the back up cashiers have to come from the back room and they ALWAYS take their time. 9 out of 10 times they won’t even show up and when they do (10 minutes later) the rush on shoppers is gone! It’s a crap shoot!

    ALSO, I have NEVER worked for a retail store as paranoid as TARGET. OH MY GOSH! My store is also very racist too! If you are black and walk into our store, they’re on you like sugar on candy. It makes me sick how awful they treat some of the customers. I’m always instructed to open purses, check pockets on jeans, etc …..but I don’t because you usually can tell that little old grandma from Iowa isn’t stealing from the store, but they still hound us to check anyways. I hate it!

    I don’t blame you for not shopping at Target! GOOD FOR YOU!

  41. JKyle says:

    I’ve never had to check somebody. In fact, I have never heard of that before. On occasion, I may see an item in their cart so I kindly ask if that is theirs. Sometimes it is and they are cool with it – they understand. And sometimes, it is an accident.

    Sure, I have my complaints but I just learn to live with them. For instance, when I close cart attendant, the GSTL’s love sending me out at 10 pm. Before that, I haven’t gotten carts since 6. That just have me fill in for breaks and lunches, do reshop, or whatever. So by the time I go out at 10, the lot is FULL. Then the LOD sees it and gets mad at me for waiting. Of course, I could go out at 9:30 to get carts but instead they send a cashier back to help with zones or reshop while I take their place. It doesn’t seem fair to me really and it means more work after we close for me.

    But in the end, it’s just that night and pretty soon I will get off and get to go home. So in the end, it doesn’t bother me. I even don’t get bothered if I am late for lunch or break. i was four hours late because they forgot me. It didn’t even notice.

  42. Kyle says:

    Dear JKyle:

    You need to stand up for yourself. Trust me on this one. Target will suck you dry if you don’t. I don’t know how old you are (our cart attendants are young) but you have quite a bit to learn about the workplace and what or isn’t expected out of you. What I mean is, WHY would you let your break slide for 4 hours? Thats CRAZY! Today I didn’t break til almost 4 hours into my shift (only a 5 hour shift) and by then I was getting pretty ticked about it: A) we weren’t busy
    B) cashiers who were on for maybe 2 hours were breaking before me at 3 and 4 hours.

    SO….I stood up for myself and told them I was breaking! I didn’t ask, I TOLD THEM! (Again, the store wasn’t busy or short people…thats a different story) If I wasn’t looking out for myself to some degree, I wouldn’t of breaked at all today. I was hungry and it was time so I went!

    You’ll learn.

  43. Jeannette says:

    Over the years, I really liked target and only on rare occasions have I had to return items. In August 2007, I had purchased a Huffy bike and a helmet for my son for his 8th birthday. Two weeks later I had to return the bike due to there being a load noise that would occur when my son would ride his new bike. He rode the bike once. I had my receipt and attempted to return the bike to the Target located at 3173 E Shields Avenue, Fresno CA.

    The store’s assistant manager did not want to make the return and then I pointed out the defect and showed my receipt. The store manager was then called and I was told by him Mr. Tim Coats that Target had the right to repair the bike at their cost. I was reluctant but at that point I didn’t feel like I had any recourse and I just wanted a bike for my son to enjoy. I then asked when could I be back later on that day to pick up the bike. I was then told that the person that fixes the bikes would not be in until next week on Tuesday. It was Friday and I was crushed as I had wanted to go bicycling with my son on the weekend. I then agreed, still rather dismayed at my inconvenience. I submitted my name and phone number (cell) in order for the store to call me when it was completed. That Tuesday came and went so I went to the store on that Wednesday, since I was in that area. I gave them my receipt and the fix it/service ticket. The store staff could not locate the bike!! I started to become very upset, then the bike was located. The store manager then told me that the bike was still making the loud noise and he offered me store credit. I asked if there was another bike exactly like that one in the store. The store manager indicated that there was not. At that time I then stated that I had been patient and followed all of the “store policy” protocol and now I have wasted my time, efforts and my gas. I then insisted on a cash refund at that point. The store manager, sighed and then refunded my money. I was perplexed by this interaction for a refund that took a week to get and I was very upset because I had felt like I was victimized for having purchased a defective product. I had told my self that I would never be treated like that again by a retailer. I then went to Walmart and purchased a beautiful electric green Next Bike for my son who was very pleased. I had completely sworn off Target Stores for good and I kept this vow for over 8 months. Now, when I would shop at Target, I would usually drop about $100-$200 per month at that store. So I felt like taking my business and consumer dollars elsewhere was for the best until…….

    On 5-10-08, I attempted to return a Maybelline Mascara that I had purchased at Target on 5-6-08. It was opened and I always buy this particular mascara. However on this occasion, the mascara appeared to defective. It was very clumpy and unusable. The item was only a mere $6.29 and my total purchase was 68.15(with taxes) for my other items. I paid in cash.

    I was very dismayed at my experience as the return clerk stated that the package was open and therefore could not be returned. I explained that I was a very good customer and noticed that the formulation was somewhat different and that I could not use the mascara. I had my receipt to indicate that I had just purchased the questionable item.

    The clerk then informed me that target cannot accept opened items. I asked if that was the case even if the product appeared defective. The clerk indicated that was “the company policy”. I then asked to speak to a manager. “Carlos” came to the register and repeated the same rhetoric. The manager then proceeded to show me on the back of the register receipt that states, “All returns & exchanges must new , unused, and have original packaging and accessories. SOME items cannot be returned if opened.” I wondered why the return policy was so vague and I questioned them about the defective merchandise that they were obviously selling. After all was said and done, I was NOT granted my return for a meager $6.29.

    I am very unhappy at my experiences with Target and I very repulsed at the fact that on these two return incidents I was felt like I had to defend my rights as a consumer. I actually felt criminalized and by all means, I am pretty squeaky clean. I am a public servant (social worker), mother of three children, graduate student, and by all means a very law -abiding citizen. I am surprised about how poorly Target treats it’s consumers. Is target perhaps doing some racial profiling? I know that sounds extreme but their reactions to my minor returns seems preposterous and extreme. I really wish Target the best of luck, since as a consumer I am now afraid to shop at TARGET due to the fact that I may be held liable if a product which they sell for profit is defective then the burden is placed on me to live with it and not even feel as if I can return it. This is a poor practice and customer service has fallen to the waste side for this company.

  44. MY Name says:

    I work for Target and I like it…my problem is with the guest..they think tht we are their slaves and that its burger king have it their way…they dont realized that the reason Target has all these policies is because there are millions of dishonest people in the world and they have to protect themselves….I think Targets policy is a good one IF YOU KEEP YOUR RECEIPT THEN YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS…you should be happy that they will look up your receipt if you paid with check or credit card un-like walmart and other stores…..People are always going to complain and never be happy..if you dont like it then don’t shop there… And if you shop there follow the rules and stop treating the Team Members like they are slaves.

  45. Jennifer says:

    I really did think I was the only one! My Target story is long, and I’ll not bore you with it here. Let me just say, it involves my wedding registry, and their return/exchange policy. When people are giving you gifts off your gift registry they don’t tend to give them with a gift receipt. What threw me over the edge with this company was the cold and indifferent response I got from EVERYONE at this store all the way from the service desk to corporate.Thanks for the opportunity (through this site) to publicly air my discontent!

  46. Kara says:

    I have been working at a Wisconsin Target for four weeks and I absolutely HATE it.

    They ALWAYS schedule me outside of my availability, then it is my job to find someone to work my shift, even though it was THEIR mistake.

    I HATE closing the store, the LOD’s are so picky about how to have the store, when they don’t lift a finger to help. And being a new team member sucks because everyone treats you like a baby. “Oh, look at the new trainee! Awww, isn’t it cute? Now be a slave while I sit back and do nothing”. So unfair. I just had an interview at an office, and I hope they call back. I will NOT be giving Target any kind of notice. I’ll let them see how it feels to be inconvenienced.

  47. Jane says:

    I hate target. I have worked at Target in California for 8 years and am desperately trying to get out. I don’t quite hate the in store management as some do because I know that deep inside they too hate it as much as I do. We are given unreachable goals and are sabotaged so that they corporation can keep giving us those $.35 to $.90 raises. Has anyone else experienced fast service calls to call buttons that don’t exist in your store. The corporation says oh that’s just a glitch and we can’t do anything about it but it still negatively affects your overall speed score. Oh yes just another way to keep from paying you what your worth. Ans is it turns out I know am doing the job of 3 team leaders. When I first became a team lead I had 1 department, then I had 2, then I am also the zone captain. All in the name of efficiency and profitability. NO WAY! no sense of accomplishment equals high turn around. For the poor execs, from business college to the store back to job hunting. So many people quit to do anything but Target. Hey I love shopping at Target (as long as i don’t lose my receipt or happen to get a gift) I JUST HATE WORKING THERE! So instead of complaining about it anymore, I am quiting. I never have and never will recommend to anyone to work at target.

  48. Superman says:

    I absolutely despise Target. Don’t expect to have a life once you get a job there. They work you 24/7. They barely even consider time-off requests and availability changes. Your availability is ALL DAY EVERY DAY. TARGET SUCKS!!!!!

  49. Executive Intern says:

    Well, I was an Executive Intern for ten weeks in the summer and boy was that an experience. Target recruits juniors and seniors from colleges throughout the US to intern to be ETL’s in a Target store upon graduation. The pay for the summer is competitive with other internships, but the expectations are wildly high. After being told in feedback session after feedback session that I was not meeting requirements, I sat down with the executive intern’s core roles and checked the ones I met. I felt that after week five I was going to be fired! 5 weeks to learn literally everything, which I did, but also know your store inside and out and be able to walk it with the Group Team Leader who is in charge of 3 to 6 districts; that is approx. 70 stores!!! After my first walk, in week 3, I did not show enough enthusiasm and was told that I was not a right “fit” for target. I put all my effort in learning all the procedures and eventually sat down with the store team leader. She had to admit that I met 90% of my core roles within the first 6 weeks but still said she could not offer me a spot for next year because I was not passionate. The fact is I knew before the meeting I did not want to return; I just want a decent reference. As far as I am concerned I held up my end of the bargain, I’m well liked by all the team members, team leads are jealous because I’d be salaried at 22 instead of hourly and a lower role at 32 so they give me hell. Not to mention Executive Interns must do a project to better the store. Well, I can’t demonstrate I can manage talent because they absolutely refuse to listen to me. It is basically an impossible environment for a college student to thrive. Every morning at 6 am I’d wake up and lay in bed for thirty minutes debating whether or not I should go in. Everytime I’m in the store I just want to walk out and quit. I am by no means I quitter and I stuck it out till the end and in every feedback session defended myself to the end. They had to at least let me finish my ten weeks because I proved to them week in and week out that I am at least fulfilling the basic requirements. How would anyone feel going to a job that you constantly had to defend you belonged to ETL’s and Team Leads that wanted you gone? I was too laid back and did not kiss enough…so I was not a good fit. My “mentor” did not want to train me. I guess he didn’t want a 22 year old taking his job and he is 50. I recommend this internship if you want to make a decent wage for the summer, and if you actually get invited back to be an ETL and you decide to work for Target good luck! 2 surefire ways to promotion: 1 SUCK UP!. 2. Speak up when you walk the store with the big dogs, even if you have no idea what you are talking about 🙂

  50. Anonymous says:

    I really feel it depends on what state the Target is located and how the STL runs the store. I have worked at 6 different Target’s around the United States. Although they all share the same foundation, it really makes a difference how managers interact with their teams. I have been with the company for over five years and do not plan to seek employment else where.

  51. daveloveless says:

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    To the person who left the language-filled comment, you’re blocked. Please take your filth elsewhere. If you can share your thoughts intelligently and with respect, you can come back.

  52. Ticked off and Bitter says:

    I’ve worked for a super target for a about a year and a half as a specialist and TL. I love the people I got to work with, well except for most of upper management. I despised many of the LOD’s, particularly the HR exec… talk about worthless. I wanted to share some important information from an executive who had been fired from the company while I was there. Apparently during the ETL meeting with the store manager, “lists” are made. In our store, the last 8 people on that list were circled and were to be fired…legally. How about that for fast, fun, and friendly?

  53. J Miller says:

    I absolutely hate Target. The reason I found this forum was by typing in, “I Hate Target” in Google search. I am a Target Protection Specialist(Target Security) for a store in Florida, and at times I have felt like coming home and putting a bullet in my head due to the severely horrible days that I have when I get home from work. Why in the **** do Target team members have to walk around like they have sticks up their ****. **** ETL’s, **** Team Leads, **** the **** that leads our HR department, and more importantly **** TARGET. I hope the corporation goes belly-up like Bennigan’s.

    Administrator note: Language was edited from this post. Everyone–Please keep it under control.

  54. J Miller says:

    Excuse my language. I apologize. But my anger toward Target has stewed for a VERY long time.

  55. Team member of store slave! says:

    Target is the worst place in the world to work unless your an executive. Target treats their team members like slaves. You get hired for the sales floor (a.k.a SLAVE)for minimum wage,but you end up working literally 5 or more jobs in a single day. Sales floor team members (slaves) are responsible for 2-3 departments (restocking, zones,etc,)helping guest, answering phones, working the cash register (all day long),cleaning spills,helping the back room team members- all in a days work.

    I’m sorry, the only ones loving Target is in upper management. Their job consist of holding a walkie and watching you slave the entire shift. Target treats their employees like crap. Most people start looking for another job before their initial training is up- myself included! Do yourself a favor, if your not an executive find another job!

  56. Matthew says:

    target is by far the worst and most horrible job I have ever had. I was a TL for logistics. I had to wake up at 2:30 am every morning to be there at 4 a.m. So right off the bat my hours are lousy and I’m in charge of 15 to 30 people to unload trucks. I helped open the store I worked at as well and all I heard was how great I was and how lucky they were to have me. Well for lack of a better phrase it was all pig swallow. I was never trained how to do my job I was just given people and told put them to work. There was all this great conjecture on how the logistic process was suppose to run but no clear application to put it to use. Needless to say my initial boss, who was awesome, got into with the Store Team Leader, who was later fired for being a womanizing adolecent 40 year old who floated through the job with the IQ of an avacado, and was transfered out. Needless to say my experience only worsened. They started cutting hours off from Christmas and letting people go but not reducing the amount of freight that would come in so I was always hounded to get a job for 30 people done with 15 or less by 8 am every morning. (keep in mind we start at 4 am and unload of a 2000 pc truck takes almost 2 hours)so that leaves two hours to stock the whole store. Completely unrealistic. To be fair most of the team leader like myself and ETL’s were great people but the upper management were evil. Caring nothing for individuals and only concerned with lining the big wigs pockets with more silver. In less than a year at my store over 20 team leaders and all 9 of the original ETL are gone and some of them had been with the company for 8 or more years. and for kicks when I put in my two weeks notice they scheduled me for that next weekend after my 2 weeks were up and tried to tell me that I had to work it or I wouldn’t be considered rehirable at Target. I laughed in their faces handed in my keyes told them they would shut their mouths and not say another word and walked out.
    I will never shop at Target again (except to finish off the gift cards from my wife and I’s baby shower) and I hope those of you reading this won’t shop there ever again either. They put profit over people and that is exactly what is wrong with our society don’t buy into their propoganda that they are fast fun and friendly they are the total antithesis of their motto.

  57. Shut Up says:

    Most of you are on tiny tirades that are just simply annoying. You want realism in a world that is unrealistic. You sit on this site and *** about a company (like many others), that wrongs people, gets tax breaks when small businesses suffer, and one which sells product to thrive. How many of you are willing to march against them on the streets, post fliers of their wrong doing? Ranting here does nothing. More people will see the words you spread in public. Not only that, most of you are griping about trivial problems anyway. Who cares if people throw product on the floor to momentarily locate it before pushing it. Who cares if people make a few messes in a few aisles. You never had to wake up in the morning and shop there. Work has to get done, and if throwing things on the ground to locate them is bad, then maybe you need to look around and shop elsewhere. You guys also *** about your schedules as if you never signed up to work the hours. They told me I would be working at 4 in the morning and have been changing that time ever since. When they tell me I should stay, I tell them no. When they have told me that I must come in at a different time without asking my permission first, I tell them no. It takes one person to stand up and make your scheduling needs and personal preferences known: you.

    I had my car break down for 5 months (not counting the 3 month prior when it broke down the first time). I couldn’t afford to fix it, so I resumed working at Target for those months, riding a bike all the way out to my store. It was a twelve mile ride one way. That’s 24 miles a day, plus the 14 miles to school, then the 10 back to my house from the college. that was 48 miles a day when school was in session (2 days), and 24 miles a day without class days. I had to wake up at 3:15 in the morning to get myself ready and awake to ride to work in the morning. I worked hard to get to, well, work.

    I know the definition to the word “hard”. It just doesn’t seem like any of you do. You complain about the smallest things, like pay. If you hate your pay, go find a job that can pay you better, or ask for a raise, or work smarter, or maybe even get into education. There are always loans. I just hate to hear all of your problems, as if you all have many. I can’t even say I had it that bad when I had to ride my bike. I may have to soon if gas prices keep moving. But I guess you all are the kind that would keep driving to work when prices rocket, rather than taking some initiative by riding to work or walking. (some of you live very far from work; this is understandable). You are the kind of people who allow companies to do these things to people like you. I bet most of you who don’t shop at target shop at Wal Mart, or a chain owned by one of the few organizations that run the same way target does. It wouldn’t shock me.

    The best part?
    You all expect the notions of fast fun and friendly to be properly implemented by a company that brags about recycling cardboard as if it’s the only renewable resource on the planet. Forget about plastics, fixtures, printer paper, and displays.

    Also, you guys expected something more from a corporation, which by definition, is run by wealthy businessmen and women. Did you really think the CEOs of a multi-billion dollar corporation were going to look out for your needs?
    Obviously you all have never looked at the fallacy in the inner workings of the corporate world, like insurance (the largest fraud). You guys don’t wish to change things, you wish to be angry at those who really only convey negativity because the upper two percent who control a majority of society tell them to do it. The rules come from a higher power than an ETL or Team Leader. Those people are just mediums that the creators utilize to piss you off. If you want to ***, find Bill Olrich’s email and send him a few of your opinions.

    For those of you who are lost. Bill Olrich is the former CEO, who still has a say in the workings of it all, I am sure.

    I am now going to email him, like you all never would have thought of doing…

    By the way. People at Target used to praise me for riding my bike. I asked them not to. Mainly because it seems stupid to accept praise for something you’re supposed to do. The only person who can work to pay my rent is me. It seems like you all want cookies for showing up to a job.

  58. daveloveless says:

    Shut Up–Thanks for your comments. I always welcome thoughts from the other side of the equation. However, I would remind you and all others, as I have numerous times, that language of ALL kinds will be removed. I don’t put up with it.

    Keep it clean or go somewhere else. It’s that simple.

  59. A-Rae says:

    Wow. Sounds like Shut Up is the angry one! I’m glad he thinks that e-mailing the FORMER CEO will get him anywhere. Good luck with that buddy. Sounds like you’ve got the world all figured out. Wish we all could possess such astonishing insight.
    Anyway, I googled “I hate Target” today and was glad to find this site. So many people feel the same way I do. I was reminded this morning of why I hate Target so much. For one thing, their customer service sucks. For another thing, their strict Return/Exchange policy is ridiculous. I simply wanted to exchange a shirt for a different size. The shirt was a gift, and wouldn’t you know…I didn’t have a receipt. I also apparently had already met my 2 “allowances” for the year. They refused to do an EVEN exchange for a shirt that only cost $5.99! Give me a break. The attitude I received from the customer service employee was basically “I’m sorry but that’s our policy. Feel free to take your business elsewhere if you don’t like it.” Well, I usually do shop at WalMart anyway so that’s no problem! I left the store, feeling quite upset…not because of the cheap shirt that I had no use for, but because of the way I was treated. They could’ve cared less if I ever shopped there again or not, and they could’ve cared less how unimportant I was made to feel. Well, I may be just one person, but I spend about $200-$250 per week at WalMart for my growing family of four. That’s over $10,000 a year that Target isn’t getting from me. If I could persuade just 10 people to switch from Target to WalMart (or any other discount store) then that could be at least $1million in the next ten years that Target won’t get from us!
    P.S. To get around the whole “no exchange without receipt” policy, I simply went back into the store, bought the shirt in the correct size, then returned the wrong size shirt w/the new receipt. NOT because I liked the shirt alot, but simply because I hate Target and their stupid policy…so there.

  60. A-Rae says:

    One more thing…read comment #45 above. This is the attitude of most Target employees and one of the many many reasons why I think Target sucks. Go to WalMart. They actually seem to value their customers. Imagine that. Oh, and you can return and/or exchange items without a receipt. I think they’ve figured out that a satisfied customer will come back and spend more money at their store. What a concept.

  61. Matthew says:

    This is in response to the bike man from above. People here are venting about the unfair wages and the general “Nazism” of a target work enviroment. I was a TL and I was always on time called off 4 times in the year I worked there and never had a complaint about my work effort and yet because I left a compactor door open for tops of a minute while I went right outside the door to collect my trash I was put on a final warning. This was because the new STL didn’t like me and was looking for an excuse to get rid of me. I called the help line, discussed it with the Ursula woman(I will keep her unamed and refer to her as a creepy disney villain)and it didn’t do any good. A company that stresses values of family and looking after their own needs to live up to those words not turn and burn people at the irst opportunity. And another thing I work hard without complaint and I’m sure the others on here do too. Just because we don’t ride a marathon to work and back everyday and take everything someone shoves in our face lying down doesn’t mean we don’t work hard it just means we will not and should not put up with being stepped on just because you were so willing. Work there and be happy if you wish I do not begrudge you that but do not bash others for taking a stand. I actively protest Target I’ve convinced all my friends, coworkers and family to never shop there again. I’ve even written letters to newspapers and to the HR of the company as well. Here’s a website to further the arguments that Target is an hypocritical glorified Wal-Mart. http://www.alternet.org/workplace/35610/?comments=view&cID=121300&pID=118609
    And writing in here is just another way to reach others and let them know that Target is a horrible place to work.

  62. Michelle says:

    After being a “domestic engineer” for the last 8 plus years, I decided to get a job at the local Super Target here in town. In order to be a stand out applicant for the cashiering position I was applying for, I made the big mistake of opening up my availability. During the interviewing process, I stated that I would be available to work on a every other weekend basis. Since I started, I have not been scheduled one consecutive weekend off. I was also scheduled to work 10 days straight without a day off. When I expressed my scheduling conflicts, I was told that in order to receive a consecutive weekend off, I needed to submit a time off request form and that my request would only be honored if there was enough coverage for that particular weekend. There was also no consistency in the scheduling of hours. Needless to say, my little part-time gig is no longer an issue. As much as I hated doing this, I submitted my resignation, -effective immediatley- letter after my shift this evening and that’s it.

    As far as the ETL’s and LOD’s go, I have never in my life witnessed such baltent disrespect on their parts. Talk about politics! Yes, they exist everywhere, but when you have a bunch of 20 something year olds running a store…I guess the “power” goes to their heads.

    My advice to those seeking employment at a team members level, be VERY specific about your availabily before being offered a job.

  63. I don't know. says:

    Wow. I’ve learned a lot about the place I work for today. I’ve learned mostly how fortunate I am to be at the store I’m at. I have ETLs that care, genuinely care for their Team Members. I feel I make a sum of money that is fitting a man of my education, which sadly is limited to 2 years of Community College. My wage reflects my responsibilities withing the store. Hard work, a good attitude, are rewarded with promotional opportunities. My one complaint is that I can’t be a store exec without a college degree anymore. Though I might be there in seven years, if there is an opening for upper store management I need not apply, they will probably give it to a fresh from college person with little to no retail experience. But, of course in seven year s I will have my degree. I’ll have it because the company I work for offers a variety of programs and assistance benefits to make sure that I get the education I desire. I am in security, obviously I have a desire in law enforcement. The company will help reimburse my tuition for classes needed for a degree in Criminal Justice. So I guess I don’t have to worry too much, because Target will help pay for me to get my degree. I will say something that I think a lot of the genuine guests with genuine complaint, in regards to cleanliness and poor Team Member Service (i.e. bland personalities, pointing and grunting directions, down right being ignored) I’m sorry that you experienced that in your Target, because I know at mine, it would not be tolerated. We try to move out poor performers, we are a Fast, Fun, and Friendly company, and if you are not any of those and you perform your duties with the efficiency and “spunk” of a broken down automaton, yeah, sorry not what were looking for and though you may have been jovial during your interviews and you can pass a drug screening it’s not enough. Those of you with petty complaints about the return policy A-Rae specifically, you are the reason for such policies… here’s how I got there. What you did was called Return Fraud, you misrepresented one item for another for financial gain thus you have return fraud thus you, personally, contributed to the substantiation of the policy you so obviously and vocally detest. I’m sure it made you feel very big to pull the wool over a big corporations eyes and win one for the little guys “woo hoo”, keep your million over ten years. I’d rather take ten dollars over a million years from someone with integrity. Sorry if I’m a bit zealous about that but I am AP, which by the way is the lowest pay bracket, so it’s not like I’m making a whole truck load to keep me happy and giving Target the thumbs up. I will tell you one thing, Target is trying. They are ever changing and trying, corporate philosophy, any corporation is to make money, how do you make money, keep clients coming back for the genuine people who do have issues the company didn’t want to alienate you, please, don’t take it personally, just a few rotten apples, you come to my store, though you’re not going to know which one it is, I can almost garuntee you that if you come in with a good attitude, treat team members with respect you’ll be treated the same way and you’ll leave happy. If you want another article to read… in response to Mathew on Sept 19, for those truly interested in the other side of the fence http://research.tdameritrade.com/public/stocks/news/story.asp?docKey=100-270b4607-1

    The best advice I can give anyone who shops at Target is to keep your receipt. Target will honor manufacturers defect for 90 Days, not I dropped my Ipod in the toilet and it doesn’t work. Also, on your receipt is a survey, where as those in the store leadership might not be concerned, after so long people at the district and regional levels will take notice and be concerned. If you are calm and professional and you can cite specific incidents you can usually get what you need done, though I will tell you flat out, somethings CANNOT BE DONE. The computers at the store physically do not have the option and cannot get the option to do what you want. To anyone applying, be honest. You can’t say you have wide open availability and then complain when they schedule against it. Schedules are made three weeks in advance, go to the Clerical, or your TL and get it resolved, go higher as needed. I have a mantra if you will that I live by, “I am responsible for my own success or failure.” You have the ability both as a Team Member and a Guest to affect a change. You can either continue to say Target is bad and I hate it or you can do something to change it and make it a better place to work and shop.

    Gosh I just can’t stop, because I remembered a couple of tid bits… one 3 million a week in charity donations. Also, Target real estate recently started to put stores in High Crime/High Risk areas… within a year of being opened. Crime in the area surrounding the store was reduced in some places by a THIRD OR MORE. We have our own Forensics labs used by FBI and local law enforcement agencies… even the London Metropolitan Police Force in Scotland Yard. Target is a good company to work for and shop in. I just wish that you all could have had a better experience, thanks for your time.

  64. scott says:

    i was harrassed at a target in minnetonka mn. by their wanna be cop security guard. he and a real cop actually stopped me and my wife and said it was suspicious the way i was shopping. i thought ok i did nothing wrong. and then the cop asks me for my license and gets on a walkie talkie and asks some woman on the other end if i have any kind of prior record. and she says only traffic violations. and then they followed us out to our car and the cop asks if i have any video cameras in my car and i said no. i guess they were looking for some guy who was going around taking pictures up girls skirts. but why stop and harrass me i did nothing to raise suspsion. and plus they did it right in front of other customers. we shouldve suid. fricken wanna be overzealous cops. target sux!!!!!!

  65. JGer says:

    I used to work at Target headquarters in Minneapolis. Before working there I thought Target was great. After working in the “hive” I decided that Target is evil and a fraud. Their “give back 5%” is crap…they simply use this money to buy favor with the community then demand that their name be plastered all over the place…this is not charity, in most circles it’s called advertising. However, the most disgusting thing about Target is this arrogant attitude that their employees have, as if Target is something special! Get over it Target, you are just another tacky discount department store…nothing special there.

  66. TLA says:

    I’m reading some of these posts and am amazed at Target employees who think that customers need to treat them with more respect and appreciate the work they do! Customers pay your salary! Customers don’t owe you anything, you owe them for keeping you in business. I’m certainly not saying that customers should be rude or abusive to employees, however it is not the customers place to worry about how much work goes into keeping a store up…if they wanted to worry about that they could get a job there. Customers are the lifeline of any retail establishment and maybe you whiners who are complaining about customers would be wise to figure that out!

  67. Marley89 says:

    I’ve worked part-time at a Target in Minnesota as a cashier for almost 2 months now.

    I am 19 years old, and a full-time college student. My school schedule is changed on a quarterly basis–basically, after every 11-12 weeks. I applied for various jobs, got called in by Target, and got the job in August, a few weeks into my Summer Quarter at college. When being hired, I made it clear that my schedule and exact availability hours were extremely likely to change with the next quarter, and was told that this was okay. I turned in an availability change request form some time ago and will start my Fall Quarter this week, and the schedule is indeed very different from Summer Quarter as far as class times. I was told yesterday that because I’m still in my first 90 days, my work schedule could NOT be changed to accommodate my new classes. I have no control over this, but my grades from the last quarter have shown me that I NEED to put my education first. Which means that Target is just going to have to do without me for those days.

    I intend to talk to a Human Resources person today and work something out. I am happy to switch with someone after all.

    When choosing my availability, I arranged it so that the absolute maximum hours would be 30 per week. Preferred average is around 20-25. I did this ONLY so that I wouldn’t have to worry about somehow being shorted on hours and so that I would have a reasonably steady income for the first time in my life. When I first started out, they went OVER thirty. And they’re doing it again this week, the week that I’ll be starting my new classes. I didn’t think they would have me there as much since they have quite a lot of people already, but I was wrong, and I learned my lesson there and will be revising it so that the maximum is about 24 or so.

    As for complaints about the service: I for one am NOT a rude cashier and neither are the others I work with (that I’ve seen anyways). I am polite and friendly and chatty with EVERY customer who comes through my lane, and if I can tell they’re in a rush to leave, I skip over the redcard prompt that pops up on my screen instead of bugging them about it. I’m the one handing out stickers to little kids and double-bagging fragile or sharp-cornered items without being asked. If you forgot a coupon (or ten, or more) for an order you just purchased, I’m happy to scan the receipt and get your dollar or whatever amount it is in your hands. I always have a smile on my face and no, I don’t mind if you want to throw your empty wrappers/cups in my trash bin behind the counter, I’ll even do it for you. What’s more, I maintain that friendly, considerate attitude even as I near the end of the 8.5-hour shifts they stick me with on my Saturday Nights. To guests who’ve had to deal with rudeness from other employees, I’m sorry about those experiences, and there are admittedly a lot of those kinds of people in the service industry. Not just at Target. Please do not tar us all with the same brush because of a few notably bad experiences; that would be just as unfair as someone hating their job because of the 3 guests out of 100 that are rude to US. Some of us, myself included, ARE happy to help you and WANT to help you and see you walk out of here a satisfied customer, and we get more than just a paycheck from helping make someone’s day easier.

    Guests, please keep in mind a few things with us and our stores in general.

    A lot of the cashiers are stuck in the front most of the time. This is especially true if they are younger, as in high-school aged or around there. That means that we aren’t as likely to be able to tell you where something is. Heck, I shop at my target all the time, AND work there, AND zone at night sometimes and I STILL barely know where anything is. Someone on the Sales Floor, or someone at guest services or someone with a walkie will be much more likely to be able to help you out than someone stuck behind a register. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to point out someone who can help you where I can’t, but please don’t expect one individual to hold all of the answers or be rude to someone who doesn’t know.

    I have NEVER, even in my pre-working days, seen my particular store, or the supertarget a few miles further away, with the conditions described in the above posts. That is not the norm and that would not be tolerated at any store that takes itself seriously, least of all mine. That said, if you see messes and such, please tell someone about them. Also, don’t be a hypocrite, and don’t contribute to the very messes you claim to hate. If you or your kids leave messes or puddles, it should come as NO surprise when you see them in stores. Not every store has enough people on hand all the time to be able to just drop what they’re doing to clean up the soda you dropped or reorganize the rack of toys your kids threw out onto the floor. It might take a while. Have a little patience and go explore some other isles instead.

    If it’s early in the day, and something is out of stock and it’s a busy time in the store, it’s because we wait until there are only a few people in a particular section to restock unless we’re extremely low on items there. And here’s why: Yesterday they had me help out stocking the freezer/refrigerated section, which is right by the registers. There were at LEAST ten of us present in a fairly small space at any one time, bringing out older stuff to the front, pulling off expired items, and restocking with new ones. It was very crowded. What few guests there were in the area had a lot of trouble moving around us and the boxes and the racks and carts we had set out to help us sort and move items. And we don’t want people to have trouble moving around us. So we wait for those times when it’s not as busy to restock as quickly as we can so that when it IS busy, you guys all have a plethora of items–fresh ones–to choose from.

    Guests, YOU are responsible for your children, not us. Buckle your babies and toddlers in. Don’t let your children run around, you never know what normal-dressed pedophile is wandering the stores. Do NOT let your children climb up on the registers. These are all safety hazards. If you don’t want us ‘ordering’ your children around, then grow a backbone and do it yourselves. My mother NEVER allowed that from my brother or I, and we turned out just fine. Target–and ANY other store–is NOT a daycare center, please to not treat it like one or get rude at us for enforcing the safety codes.

    Return Policies–It’s not that hard to keep receipts bundled in a drawer somewhere or in a folder or tucked in your wallet. Also keep item tags on hand as well. You SHOULD have your receipt. Your receipt is your PROOF OF PURCHASE. As is the record from your debit/credit card which I believe Guest Services can look up and verify there as well (I don’t work that area of the store, I don’t know for sure). If you get something that you see is defective in the package, or if you change your mind about a purchase, you CAN return it to us within 90 days but depending on the item, the package CANNOT be opened. Opened CDs and DVDs could be scratched, that’s why we don’t take them back. Also try going directly to the manufacturer with your complaints, since they MADE the item after all. As long as you have your proof of purchase and the receipt/warranty hasn’t expired, it should be fine. If it’s expired, that’s NOT our fault, and take it as a lesson learned instead of something to try to blame us for.

    The customer is not always right. Apples are not Oranges, do not try to get one lowered to match the other just to get a better price. Check your coupons (I recently had someone try to use some that expired way back in 2007) and your items to make sure they match exactly. Keep in mind that sometimes we haven’t gotten around to removing old signs due to being busy. Be a thorough, smart shopper, read, and pay attention to the dates and the actual items on the sale signs, not just the big bold discounted price. And yes, we are happy to radio in and confirm if there IS a sale, because we’ve had it both ways before as well. Think of it this way: If you’re going to make a big deal about saving that extra dollar, then why shouldn’t we, when our WAGES depend on it?

    If an employee is on their break, it is ILLEGAL for them to be working. That was stressed a LOT in our training. So no, while I would otherwise be more than happy to help you, going on a toaster hunt or something is NOT worth me getting a warning over, let alone losing my only source of income. I’m sorry, that’s just how it is. That guy twenty feet away with the walkie can help you though.

    WOW that was long. Ah well. Glad to have gotten that off my chest.

  68. JKyle says:

    To the comment #43: I apologize for getting this back out so late. I was busy with school, final exams coming, you know how it is. At the time I wrote that, I was 22 years old. I am not currently 23. I have had 2 previous jobs before Target: 1) Max and Erma’s (a restaurant) and 2) a carpet cleaning company. I was at Max and Erma’s for a 5 months and a year and half at the carpet cleaning business so I am not new to the work place.

    To put it simply, I do not care really. So what if my break was 3 or 4 hours ago. If I am getting my work, done, that makes me happy. Now, depending on the circumstances, I might get mad but I usually just forget about. Nice thing about being a cart attendant is I make my own breaks/lunches. So I usually go 4 hours without a break as it is. But when I am doing cashier, at times, I can’t wait to go to break or lunch to escape the insanity when it’s a Saturday.

    I believe first and foremost in allowing a guest to have a pleasant visit to Target. I always make sure I smile, engage in the guest. I always ask them how their day is or comment on the stuff they are buying (and no; not like “why sir, those are condoms you are buying are top brand!). If I see a dog outfit, I will ask them about their dogs, comment on a certain beer that I happen to like as well, or a movie that bought. I had a great time when the last Harry Potter came out. It does make me sad that a majority of the people on this site did not believe that.

    Instead of writing a huge rant, I will list some observations I have made at work and on this site.
    1) I am willing to bet that a vast majority of those who have flamed Target for being a horrible place to work has only been there for maybe…3 to 5 months.

    2) If not that, then they are mad because Target is not accommodating their needs enough.

    3) Guests can be idiots sometimes. So can team members. I don’t go into a store expecting perfection. I am sorry if I do not know what exact items are on sale and whether you get a free 5$ gift card with them.

    4) Not all Target stores are bad. It depends where you live. STL do things different from one another. My previous one was pretty laid back however our new one is very strict. However, because of the new one, we get more work done.

    5) Target is not Walmart, thank god. (and yes, I will not hide my intense hate for Walmart).

    I am not pro-Target or anything. I am just trying to say Target is not this hell hole. Maybe the corporation is but I generally like the store where I work at, best friends with a lot of people, and I actually know the names of some of the guests and talk to them often.

  69. daveloveless says:

    Administrator Note:

    So, after 18 months of comments and numerous opinions both in favor of and against Target, I think it’s time to close comments on this particular post. And I really think JKyle (post #69) put this in a perfect spot to end. What he said is very true, and the point is the Target (and any other corporation) isn’t perfect, but some stores do a better job than others. Unfortunately, I have yet to visit one of those better stores. If you have, good for you. And if you’re an employee trying to make it better, even better for you.

    Thanks for the interesting and passionate comments, but it’s time to be done with this topic. And a hearty personal thanks to JKyle for ending the comments on a great note that, I believe, sums up well what many people wanted to say and hear.


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