Almost there!

I had my braces tightened yesterday. I’m at the 15-month mark now, and I asked the dentist how things were looking. He said we’re on track for July/August, but I’ve got three super stubborn teeth that have yet to move all the way in. He upgraded the wires, the bands, and even the brackets to put some extra torsion on those teeth, and yes, I hate when he says “torsion” and “torque” in relation to my teeth….

He did take off the top front six brackets to replace those, and it was fun to just sit there and stare at my (mostly) straight teeth in the mirror while they worked to prep everything. I was telling Courtney about that, and she said I was going to have a beautiful smile when all was said and done. :-)

It’s been long enough now that I’m trying to remember what it felt like to not have braces. I hardly think about them that much anymore unless they are hurting or I’m trying to clean them (ugh, how I won’t miss that!), but still….

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Today I did my first hive inspection of the year, and I even had a new helper (Shiloh). It was nice to have someone out there again.

I only have a single survivor hive, and I went through each box selecting a few frames only to look at. The hive itself was quite strong. If you remember, I had a full two deeps and a two mediums on this particular hive. When we pulled the cover off, the top two mediums were quite full of bees, and the two deeps were about 50% each. I’d guess that I had a good two deeps worth of bees. Shiloh also pointed out that one of the cells that was ripped open moving the supers off had what appeared to be a potential queen cell (lots of royal jelly in it!). It was the only one we really noticed, so I’m not sure that the hive was thinking swarming or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

We decided to split this hive today, and we conducted an artificial split moving a lot of the brood and nurse bees to a hive in a new location. We didn’t do as good of a job as I would normally do on a split, and I admit to feeling a little off today with beekeeping. Not as confident as I normally am. It felt much more chore-like than enjoyable this time, and I think that’s because I spent the morning weeding, mowing, and otherwise caring for the outside of the house. I was tired by the time we got to the bees.

Hive 1 is strong, looks healthy, good brood patterns, and plenty of eggs. Lower on the honey, but we’ve got a good nectar flow right now between the fruit trees and the dandelions.

The newly created Hive 3 (we left space to put a new Hive 2 in the middle) is smallish, with a good enough honey supply. They have most of the brood and nurse bees with several frames of eggs with which to create queens. We tried to find the queen and make sure she stayed with Hive 1. We never did see her, but I’m 90% sure she’s not in Hive 3, which is good.

My two new packages come this next week, and it looks like we are going to use the top bar hive. That’ll be an interesting experience. I had debated not using it all, but since we split, we don’t have much of a choice. I’m okay with that.

So I got sick on Wednesday. Just that pain in the back of the throat that says, “I’m coming down with a cold.” By the evening, it had turned into hot flashes and a pretty serious headache. I took Thursday off with joint pain, congestion, hot flashes, a very sore throat, headache, ear pain, and so forth. By Friday, I was feeling moderately better, so back to work. That night, again with the hot flashes, serious throat pain, ears, congestion, and blah, blah, blah. Saturday, more of the same.

In all of this, I would feel more or less fine from time to time, so I held off going to the doctor, especially since, going to bed on Saturday, I felt more or less okay after a day of more of the same.

And then Sunday… I woke up in the middle of the night with a left eye glued together. The dreaded pink eye. Fine! I’ll go see a doctor.

The doctor didn’t even bother diagnosing what I actually have; he took one look at my symptoms and prescribed a grape fruit-sized antibiotic. In the end, he said it was definitely pink eye, probably strep, possibly the flu, possibly ear infections, probably a sinus infection, possibly a chest cold, and possibly advancing into early stage pneumonia. Let me look back over that list and see if I missed anything… flu… strep… infections… pink eye… pneumonia… ears…. I think that was it.

Oh, and I still have a headache.

On top of the antibiotic, I have a second one for my eyes. It’s an ointment that I smear all over my eyes every three hours. It’s great stuff… Gets into my eyelashes and then brushes up against my glasses so I have to clean them every 15 minutes or so.

I don’t believe in doing things small….


I hit 14-months on the braces thing last Saturday, and you’d think after all that time that I’d be used to it.

And you’d be wrong.

I was eating Oreos at work, and I had the bands in that are supposed to be shifting my jaw slightly. The bands are pretty tight across the front of my mouth, meaning that while I don’t have any crossing the opening, they do encroach on the sides. So how many times did I try to shove the whole Oreo into my mouth before I realized the bands were in the way?

That would be three.

My favorite one was when I shoved it in and shot the Oreo across my desk. Who knew I had a sling shot built into my mouth?

Sigh… Some days are just like that. :-)

Oh, and I only have four months left!!! I’m so close I can feel it!

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